How to stop loopholes in the decoration contract

According to industry insiders, whether the decoration contract is standard or not is also an important basis for measuring whether the decoration company is credible. When signing a contract, you need to pay attention to the following questions:

First of all, the contract must specify the specific requirements and completion date of the renovation. Some consumers did not pay attention to these two points when signing the contract, which “created” conditions for some decoration companies to overhaul and delay the construction period.

Second, in the contract must specify the specific brand or model of decorative materials used to prevent decoration companies shoddy.

Third, the provisions of the contract concerning the warranty are indispensable, and it is necessary to distinguish the responsibilities. If it is a construction or material quality problem, the decoration company should take full responsibility; if it is improperly used by the user, the two parties can negotiate and handle it.

General repair company's warranty period for the project varies from three months to one year. It is necessary to choose the company with a longer warranty period.

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