The magical effect of bamboo charcoal pillows in hot summer days

Put on a thin silk quilt and lay a cool, non-stick linen mat. When you are busy changing the "summer dress" for bedding, is it a little helpless to take a thick cotton pillow? In fact, if you want to sleep under the pillow Refreshing and cool, try bamboo charcoal pillow with good sweat absorption function. If you put some Chinese herbal medicine in the pillow, you can achieve the effect of cooling off the heat and promoting sleep.

Like the familiar bamboo charcoal cushions and bamboo charcoal insoles, the biggest advantage of bamboo charcoal pillows is that they are dry, breathable and have strong adsorption capacity, especially in the summer, they can quickly transfer the sweat and heat from the head, and the sweat is less, naturally it will not Feeling hot, sleep will be more stable. In addition, bamboo charcoal has functions such as sterilization and deodorization, and bamboo charcoal pillows are very healthy in summer.

Jiang Houquan, a science expert at the Wuhan Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the bamboo charcoal pillow will feel cool and refreshing. It is not as cool as a bamboo pillow, but it is not comfortable. However, it is debatable whether it is promoted by some manufacturers to promote blood circulation and eliminate symptoms such as asthma and snoring. After all, these conclusions have not been confirmed by large-scale clinical trials. Bamboo charcoal pillows are not suitable for everyone. For example, people with allergies such as rhinitis are not suitable.

Jiang Houquan suggested that if you want to achieve the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat and bonfire, you can make a “feeding” bamboo charcoal pillow by yourself, that is, put about 1 kilogram of bamboo charcoal in the pillow, and add Banlangen, honeysuckle and musk with heat and heat. Chinese herbal medicines such as white chrysanthemums can be wrapped in non-woven fabrics. Long-term pillow "feeding" bamboo charcoal pillow, under the action of traditional Chinese medicine, can achieve the effect of strengthening the body, preventing disease and preventing disease.

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