Analysis of the causes of interference during harmonic gear transmission

The simulation results of the interference part of the soft tooth and the rigid tooth can be clearly seen through observation and comparison. Because the inclination of the wave generator and the flexible wheel is accompanied by the inclination angle, the interference is obvious, and the author partially refines the unit. The rough wheel profile is compared to obtain the approximate interference value, and the most severely interfering tooth also has an interference depth of approximately 0.05 mm in the normal direction of the tooth surface in the flank portion, which will seriously affect the stability of the transmission during the harmonic transmission process. Sex, and due to the existence of its interference, a large amount of heat is generated in the transmission process, which has a great influence on the life of the harmonic gear; the corresponding new type of rigid wheel corresponds to good interference, and no interference occurs. In the actual design, the length of the head gap can be appropriately adjusted to ensure zero interference and improve the bearing capacity without undercutting, thereby increasing the number of tooth engagement of the flex wheel and reducing the load of the meshing teeth at the same time. Improve the life of harmonic gears.

Combining geometric design and elastic numerical analysis, numerical simulation of the assembly process of the wave generator, analysis of the tooth meshing state after the harmonic deformation of the harmonic gear, through the partial call of the simulation results, the improved design of the rigid wheel, the research methods are The following characteristics: 1) Elastic numerical analysis of the harmonic gear meshing state, to overcome the shortcomings of static geometric analysis and actual meshing state; 2) Visualize the meshing state of the gear to clearly observe the interference problem in the meshing; 3) Perform the simulation results Called, designed on the basis of simulation, targeted. In the Boshan submersible pump, the cup-shaped flexible wheel, the elliptical wave generator, and the modified front and rear wheel were modeled. The finite element method was used to analyze the static contact of the assembly process, which overcomes the shortcomings of simple geometric analysis. The analytical meshing state of the harmonic gear tends to coincide with the actual meshing state. At the same time, the paper analyzes the causes of interference in the process of harmonic gear transmission. After the finite element analysis, the data is improved on the rigid wheel, and the meshing state of zero interference is obtained. The proposed research methods and results are available to engineers in the design of harmonic gears. In addition, the load capacity of the harmonic gear can be improved by appropriately adjusting the top clearance of the wheel.

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