Persimmon tree

Persimmon tree

2005-10-26 08:07:04

The base fertilizer is generally applied better before harvest in September. At this time, the leaves have stopped growing, the fruit has entered the coloring period, and the roots are at the late growth peak, which is beneficial to nutrient absorption and increase the accumulation of organic nutrients in the tree, which can enhance the tree potential. It can improve the cold resistance of the tree and promote the differentiation of flower buds, laying a foundation for the high yield in the coming year. The base fertilizer is mainly organic fertilizer (fertilized ring fertilizer, manure fertilizer, cake fertilizer, etc.), combined with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Each tree is applied with about 300 kg of organic fertilizer per plant, and mixed with 2 kg of superphosphate and 2 kg of potassium sulfate. The fertilization method is carried out by digging the radiation ditch 1 m away from the trunk under the canopy, that is, 3 to 5 fertilization ditches of 70-100 cm long, 30-40 cm wide and 15-25 cm deep under the canopy. Ditch should be shallow and deep inside, avoid damage to large roots, and timely irrigation after fertilization

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