Have to look at the complete and final acceptance

The renovation project that lasted several months has already ended, the construction team has also been withdrawn, and the decoration company will wait for acceptance and settle the balance. Does the appearance of glory represent the same in appearance? In addition to allowing professional supervision companies to check and accept, they also need to personally check the quality of the project. Only in this way can they be completely assured. The acceptance must be comprehensive and thorough, especially because of the attention paid to the construction projects of renovation workers, such as carpenters, mason, and painters, so we must pay attention to these items when they are accepted.

Woodworking acceptance

(1) Whether the structure is straight. Whether horizontal or vertical, the correct carpentry practices should be straight.
(2) Is the corner accurate? The normal corners are all 90 degrees, except for special design factors.
(3) Whether the spelling is strict and accurate. The correct wooden pattern is to be seamless or to maintain a uniform distance.
(4) Whether the radian and roundness are smooth and sleek. In addition to a single, a number of the same shape to ensure consistency in the shape.
(5) Whether the cabinet door switch is normal. When the door is open, it should be light and no noise.
(6) There should be no gaps in the fixed wall of the cabinet.
(7) Whether or not the woodworking project is broken. It should ensure that the surface of the woodworking project is flat and there is no drum or breakage.
(8) Symmetrical carpentry items are symmetrical.
(9) Whether the connection of the ceiling corner line is smooth and whether there is obvious unevenness or deformation.
(10)Whether the foot line is straight and accurate on the ground.
(11) The ceilings of toilets and kitchens, such as aluminum gussets and PVC gussets, are flat and have no deformation.
(12) Whether the cabinet door handle lock is installed correctly and open normally.
(13) Is the bedroom door and other doors open? When closed, the upper, left and right door joints should be tight, and the lower door gap should be moderate, generally 0.5 cm.

Acceptance of paint

(1) Whether the surface of furniture oil is saturated or not. Make sure there are no blisters, no cracks, and that the paint thickness is uniform and consistent in color.
(2) Whether the surface of the furniture varnish has the same thickness, the paint surface is saturated, clean and free from particles.
(3) Whether the emulsion paint on the wall surface is flat and reflective, there is no emptying, blistering, cracking phenomenon.
(4) Wood and plasterboard ceiling paints are generally latex paints and should have a smooth surface with no cracks at the board joints.
(5) Whether the connection of the ceiling angle line is smooth, there is no obvious wrong and distortion.
(6) The wallpaper patchwork is inaccurate and does not tear. Patterned texture patches should be accurate and error-free.
(7) Whether there is no pollution on the wall surface, no stain exists.
(8) Whether the decorative panel nails have been repaired.

Mason acceptance

(1) Whether the brick surface is flat or not inclined.
(2) Whether the gaps in the brick surface are regular and uniform.
(3) Whether the toilets, balconies and kitchen floor tiles with floor drain have sufficient self-drainage inclination.
(4) Whether the brick surface is broken and collapsed.
(5) The tile orientation is correct and there is no reversal.
(6) Whether the tile and waistline position is correct, there is no biased position or the height is wrong.

Acceptance of metal engineering

(1) Whether the metal body structure is straight or flat; if the window part, it is required that the sealing member such as a strip of glue be completed.
(2) Whether the metal form is flexible and has no obstacles.
(3) Whether the pipe joints of anti-theft nets, security doors, etc. have been polished, have a stable placement, and have not loosened.
(4) Whether the specifications and wall thickness meet the requirements.
(5) There is no leakage of rain between the window and the window.

Miscellaneous acceptance

(1) In accordance with the provisions of the contractual project, it is checked item by item whether all the projects have been completed.
(2) Whether the lamps are all on.
(3) Whether the engineering waste has been completely cleared.
(4) Whether the sanitary fixtures and other installations are installed correctly, whether the toilets include water storage and flushing, and whether the basin drainage is normal.
(5) There is no blockage in the floor drain.

After the above acceptance, basic payment can be assured. Of course, you must let the decoration company provide a warranty for a certain period of time.

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