How to carry out construction acceptance for mixed oil painting

Mixed oil brushing how to carry out construction acceptance?
1. The top paint construction specification

Brushing paint refers to painting the top with oily paints and enamel paints. It is mostly used for painting the top of kitchens and bathrooms in home renovations. It can also be used for algae ceilings and PVC ceilings. Its construction is mainly divided into three stages: bottom layer treatment, brushing coating and coating finishing.

The bottom layer is mainly composed of bottom layer cleaning, degreasing, repairing the top defects, and scraping and finding equal processes. To ensure the smoothness of the top, putty should be scraped at least twice. Brush the primer before applying the coating. The topcoat should be brushed at least twice. After every coat of paint is dry, it should be repaired with putty and sandpaper, and the damper on the paint film should be wiped with a damp cloth and then painted again. Coating finishing includes grinding, polishing and other processes. When sanding the surface, use water sandpaper. When polishing, clean the surface with a clean soft cloth and sand. The top paint is a very professional construction project. Only strict observance of construction regulations can guarantee the construction quality.

2. Specification for construction of wooden surface oil

Mixed oil painting on the surface of wood is one of the most commonly used decoration methods in home decoration. Contaminated oil refers to paints and paints such as tempering lacquer, enamel, etc. The surface of the wood is painted and decorated so that the surface of the instrument loses its original color and patterns. It is especially suitable for poor tree species and has flaws in the material facing but does not affect When used, it can achieve a more perfect decoration effect. In the modern style of decoration, due to the change of wood color, the color is more abundant, and the material cost can be saved. It is more widely used by young people and has become widely used. It has gradually become a decorative finish in home decoration. An important part of.

The standard procedure for the mixing of wood surfaces is to first clean the dust on the surface of the base layer, repair the base layer, level it with a matte paper, and paint at the thrift. Then scratch the putty and apply a dry oil. Put the primer on the first pass, grind the primer, brush the primer, dry the primer, dry the surface, dry the surface and repair the putty for repair, wipe the surface dry, brush the second time, paint, Polished and waxed until the desired effect is achieved.

Mixed oil painting is a construction project that is technically and technically very strong. The quality varies greatly. It is necessary to operate in strict accordance with standard procedures to ensure quality.

The following aspects should be paid special attention to the mixing of oil on the surface of woodware:

(1) When processing at the grassroots level, in addition to cleaning up debris from the grassroots, local putty inlay should be carried out to repair the flatness of the grass-roots level. For the defective parts such as holes, knots, and lifts on the surface of the material, putty leveling is used. , and then full of putty, full of sandpaper, sandpaper should be polished along the wood grain.

(2) Apply a paint sheet (shellac paint) to the bottom of the joints with large color difference and wood grease before painting the surface layer. In order to improve the adhesion between the grass-roots level and the surface layer, dry oil or mooring should be applied at the grass-roots level, and the dry oil layer should be brushed evenly across all parts of the base. No brushing is allowed. It is commonly referred to as brush-base mooring, and it guarantees the quality of brushing. The key role.

(3) After the base oil dries out, it is full of scrape the first time putty, putty into a paste, the ratio is to reconcile the paint: turpentine: talcum powder = 6:4: amount (weight ratio). The first time putty is polished with hand-made sandpaper, and then high-strength putty is used. The ratio of high-strength putty is varnish: gypsum powder: water = 3:6:1 (by weight), and the putty is not subject to picking.

(4) When painting the surface layer paint, it should be polished with fine sandpaper first. If defects are found, they can be repaired with putty and then polished with fine sandpaper. The last time before the paint brushing, the previous film should be ground with water sandpaper to smooth the surface and brush it. If the device (doors and windows) has exposed outdoor parts, paint with exterior paints with better weather resistance and water resistance should be used, but be careful to match with the previous one.

3. Acceptance of mixed oil painting

The type of paint used shall meet the design requirements. The color of the brushing surface shall be the same and there shall be no traces of brush marks. There shall be no peeling, brushing, anti-rusting, whitening, bottoming, falling, wrinkling, wrinkling, or uneven color. Defects, pull line inspection decoration line, color line straight, error is less than 1 mm, used to touch the paint surface is smooth, no block feel, wood adjacent hardware, glass and walls clean, no traces of oil.

4. Common oil quality problems and treatment methods

(1) Top Paint Brushing: The common quality problems of top paint painting include bottom penetration, anti-alkali, cracking, and uneven coating.

1 through the bottom: The main reason is that the grassroots improper handling and paint too thin, caused by lack of hiding power, the prevention and treatment method is to clean up the oil, rust, etc. when the grassroots treatment, the construction of the paint to adjust the consistency is appropriate, if thinned It can be solved by increasing the number of brushings.

2 Anti-alkali: Mainly because of the dampness of the base layer, the top base must be dry before it can be painted. If there is anti-alkali, it should be reworked and repaired. When the grass is dry, puttying will be done and the painting operation will be carried out.

3 cracking: it is due to putty shrinkage. The main reason is that before the construction, the putty was not completely dry and the putty was scraped again. The second time the putty was not dried, the paint was applied, causing cracking in the back layer of the putty. The construction should wait for the putty to dry again and then scrape it again. The thickness of the putty should not exceed 2 mm. Rework and repair should be scraped first cracked, and then putty scraper, putty and then painted finish.

4 The top is not smooth: The main reason is that in addition to the unsatisfactory base treatment, the paint is too thick and the thickness of the coating is also an important reason. In addition to the prevention and treatment methods, the primary treatment must be smooth and clean, and the consistency of the paint adjustment during construction should be appropriate. The paint brush should be thin every time to prevent accumulation. When repairing, leveling can be done with fine sandpaper.

(2) Mixed oil brushing on wood surface: The common quality defects of brushed oil on wood surface include falling, brushing, bleed, blistering, wrinkles, and rough coating, among which falling, brushing, wrinkles and coating The causes of rough film and its treatment methods are basically the same as that of varnishes, which can be solved by referring to the methods provided by the clean oil construction section. Focus here to solve the problem of blistering and bleeding.

1 Foaming: It is caused by the high moisture content of wood or the wood itself containing oil, especially when the big core board is directly painted and mixed with oil. Outside the poor, the construction environment is too high, the surface of the wood is dry, and the inner layer is not dry yet. During the construction, it is necessary to ensure that the wood is dry and completely removes the grease from the wood. During the operation, it is necessary to wait until the upper layer of the coating is completely dry before painting. When repairing, air bubbles should be removed and the bottom layer should be cleaned. After drying, brush 107 glue and putty putty. After the putty is dry, apply a brush to the surface.

(2) Bleeding: Mainly due to the penetration of dyestuffs in the wood, the penetration of the wood grease or the deeper color of the bottom layer than the surface layer. The method of prevention and treatment is that during construction, the color of the surface layer should be deeper than the bottom layer, and the parts with high dye and lignin content in the wood, such as thrift, must be sealed with the paint film. If bleed occurs, polish the paint before repairing, and then paint again.

5. Estimated duration of mixed oil painting

Mixed oil painting is a high-tech construction project, and it takes a lot of man-hours to work. Generally, all three rooms, two halls, and all wooden furniture paintings require about 10 days of time, of which the primary treatment is about 2 days, and the mixed oil painting is 3 times for 8 days. Around, there are process waiting times. Depending on the quality requirements of the paint, the number of wood furniture, and the drying time of the materials used, the schedule will vary. Mixed oil painting, can not work with other dusty jobs.

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How to carry out construction acceptance for mixed oil painting

How to carry out construction acceptance for mixed oil painting

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Door And Window Of Aluminum Profile

The aluminum window is made of aluminum building profiles, and the window structure is divided into ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows and Thermal break aluminum alloy doors and windows. The aluminum window has beautiful appearance, sealing and high strength. It is widely used in the field of construction. In the home decoration, the aluminum door and window is commonly used in balcony.

Material Grade: Aluminum Alloy 6000 series:6063,6061,6060,6005
Temper: T3-T8
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Color: Silvery white, black, golden, champagne, dark bronze or according to your requirement
Shape: Square, Round, Flat, according to  customers' drawings
Thickness: Above 0.7mm,the thicker the better


A.    Length: ≤6.5m
B.  Normal Wall thickness: ≥1.0mm
C.  Normal Anodizing thickness: ≥8µm
D.   Normal powder coating thickness: 60-120µm
E.  Tensile strength: ≥160mpa
F.  Yield strength: ≥110mpa
G.    Extensibility: ≥8%
H.    Hardness(HW): 8-15
Packing details: Kraft paper, EPE Fram, Shrink film, Composite paper or as your need
MOQ: 500kg
Delivery time: Normally20-25days for a 40ft container after we confirm your deposit.

Normal order sequence:
1. Confirm the drawings, colors and price
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Door And Window Of Aluminum Profile

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