What fees to collect

The fees to be paid for collection generally include:

1. A one-year property fee;

2, the heating costs of the year;

3, public maintenance funds;

4. The replenishment of the housing area (plus or minus 3% of the area, the amount of which will be refunded or replenished);

5, some need developers to apply for deed tax can give the deed tax to the developer (Note: You can also handle, see if the contract is agreed);

6, if you need the developer to apply for a certificate of title and deed tax also need to explain the fees (usually 600 yuan). In fact, these fees must be paid regardless of whether you accept the house, unless you have reason to check out before you pick up the house.

House heating

Product Description


CAS: 107-43-7

Molecular formula: C5H11NO2

Molecular weight: 117.148 g/mol
Melting Point:Decomposes around 293 deg C
IUPAC Name: 2-(trimethylazaniumyl)acetate
Solubility (g/100 g solvent):water,160g/100g

Proprietary Name: Cystadane

Feed addtive-Glycine-Betaine


ITEMS    USP30                  Feed Grade      Feed Grade
Content ,% 98.0-100.5 >=98.0 >=95.0
Loss on drying ,% 0.5 2.0 2.0
Heavy metalsPb,% =<0.001 =<0.001 =<0.001
As,% -- =<0.0002 =<0.0002
Residue on ignition,% =<0.1 -- --
pH1+4 aqueous solution 0.8-1.2    
Anti-caking agent 0 0 3.0


1. Patented technology no.: ZL201410059368.5 cocamidopropyl betaine lauryl betaine Glycine Betaine Lycine

2. No trimethylamine residues Betaine hcl betain betaine hydrochloride Betaine Anhydrous trimethylglycine
3. Our betaine anhydrous is more white color, higher purity of crystal, less impurities, lower ignition residue.
4. We are the only manufacture producing betaine granule in China.

Feed addtive -Glycine-Betaine

As a pharmaceutical intermediate, betaine anhydrous is used as a protective agent for the liver, stomach and heart. So Betaine Anhydrous is used as a protective agent for the liver, stomach and heart in the pharmaceutical industry.


1. Betaine Anhydrous can be used as pharmaceutical raw material, to prevent liver disease.
2. Betaine Anhydrous can be used for achlorhydria, atherosclerosis and liver disease.
3. Betaine Anhydrous can improve the fat metabolism and inhibit fat deposition in the live

Feed addtive-Glycine Betaine

Betaine Anhydrous

Glycine Betaine Betaine Anhydrous Trimethylglycine

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