Hard chrome plating effect

In the field of stainless steel, hard chrome plating is applied to the mechanical parts with extremely long and heavy weights. Hard chrome plating not only saves a lot of cost, but also can be repeatedly plated and hard chrome-plated for repeated use (the working cycle is infinitely extended). Fundamentally, the cost of the company is actually reduced.
Hard chrome plated dies are characterized by improved wear resistance. Corrosion resistance prolongs the working life of the dies (3 to 10 times); can also be used to repair die wear tolerance sizes (tolerance sizes in the range of 0.01 to 2 mm); die hard The surface of the chrome plating is high to achieve a mirror effect; the galvanized mold does not need to be oxidized with butter.
Hard chrome plating is an environmentally friendly electroplating process. (Process: Electroplating is used to directly plate chromium on metal parts, without intermediates such as 'nickel', 'copper', etc.). Most of the metal substrates can be processed by hard chrome plating to achieve the effect of anti-oxidation and lightness of the stainless steel (hard chrome plating is used more brightly and finally reaches the mirror effect). Dongguan Tangxia Qingxing Mould Machinery Factory

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