Zheshang Pingliang Investment Building Home Decoration Building Market

On August 10th, Gansu Hongda Guosheng Group and “Zhejiang Merchants” strength enterprise “strongly combined”, the well-built large-scale professional home decoration building materials market with a total investment of 380 million yuan – the Pingliang fashion Yiwu international trade and commerce building materials market project officially started. The construction marks the beginning of the second wave of investment by Zhejiang merchants in Pingliang City.

At the ceremony, the Research Fellow of the State Department's Counsellor and the president of the China Private Enterprise Confederation, Bao Yuyu, awarded the "President of the China Association of Private Enterprises" to the Hongda Guosheng Group.

In recent years, Pingliang City has implemented the scientific concept of development in an in-depth manner, vigorously implemented the “4321” strategic plan, developed in depth the four major industries of coal and electricity, livestock, fruit and vegetable, and tourism. The economy has continued to develop rapidly, and various social undertakings have been coordinated. The urban and rural areas have significantly improved their overall economic strength. In particular, through continuous optimization of the development environment, the implementation of large-scale opening up, large-scale development, and large investment promotion, there have been a large number of domestic well-known enterprise groups settled in Pingliang, especially the rapid development of the private economy, which has added vitality and stamina for the city’s economic transformation across and scientific development.

At present, the total number of various types of market entities in the city has reached 49,800, and the registered capital has reached 19.5 billion yuan. Among them, in the early 90s of last century, governments at all levels in Pingliang City planted Indus to attract investment with a broad chest, and to create a “service highland” by creating “policy”, so that “nest” and “fung” would be allowed to become autonomous. The merchants from Tiannan Haibei have settled down, especially with more than 10,000 Zhejiang businessmen, Pingliang, and Pingliang has also won the title of “Zhejiang Best Investment City”. More than 10 years ago, Wu Hongguo from Taizhou, Zhejiang, who was a furniture business in Lanzhou, went to Pingliang Tourism, the beautiful natural scenery of Sheshan, and Pingliang’s excellent human environment, which attracted him to Pingliang for development. Through entrepreneurship, Wu Hongguo built the Pingliang International Furniture Exhibition Center, attracted more than 500 Zhejiang businessmen to settle in, and gathered more than 60 brands and more than 1,000 varieties of furniture in the five major cities of Guangzhou, Xi'an, Shanghai, Chengdu and Lanzhou. Radiation Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia Provinces.

Pingliang City further optimized the development environment, built a platform for Zhejiang businessmen to invest in homes and expand development, and strived to create a strong atmosphere of “pro-business, respecting business, and business”, continuously improving service quality and service efficiency, and helping enterprises solve the problem of development in a timely manner. Difficulties and problems, clean up various types of charging items, specify charging standards, and strictly prohibit the apportionment of funds, chaotic fund-raising, and arbitrary fines. Therefore, the cultural environment here is very well-known among the Zhejiang businessmen. As a result, more than 10,000 Zhejiang merchants have come to the forefront and have occupied half of the foreign merchants. This time, the Pingliang fashion of the Pingliang Fashion Group built by the Hongda Guosheng Group and the “Zhejiang Business Strength Enterprise” is not only a successful example of Zhejiang businessmen in Pingliang's entrepreneurial development, but also opened up a cool investment for Zhejiang businessmen. A new round of boom.

Liu Wanzhong, deputy director of the China Private Enterprise Federation, praised the construction of the Pingliang style Jiwu International Business Building Materials Market project, in line with the country’s strategy of stimulating domestic demand, and promoted the process of local urbanization, especially the construction of affordable housing, and ensured the effective supply of essential goods for the people. Has a positive effect. At the same time, it is also the general direction of attracting private investment to return to the real economy. It is an organic combination of the capital of Zheshang enterprises and the space and demand for the development of inland economy, and a win-win situation for the realization of profit-making by citizens, rejuvenation of the country, and development of the west. It is of great significance to promote the upgrading of building materials quality, promote economic growth in Pingliang, and increase employment.

It is reported that the Pingliang Style Jiwu International Business Building Materials Market is the key investment attraction project signed by the “LanXiahui”. The total investment of the project is 380 million yuan and covers an area of ​​198 mu. It is located in Pingliang Industrial Park and Zhejiang Merchants New City, with a total construction area of ​​138,000 square meters. The project adopts a business strategy of “investing with businesses”, based on Pingliang’s existing Hongguo building materials market, and aims to implement the goal of building industrial scale, philosophy, support, logistics, management, and wealth upgrading in the home furnishing building market in Longdong District, and strives to build “ The home furnishing and building materials professional market, such as product trading, exhibition and exhibition, logistics and distribution, technology research and development, talent exchange, e-commerce, financial services, business services, and hotel catering, has made it the largest scale and the most extensive radiation in Longdong District. , advanced facilities, management practices, service-class large-scale professional home decoration building materials market. After the project is completed, it can accommodate more than 1200 merchants and arrange more than 3,000 jobs.

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