Power Equipment: Industry Concentration Enhances Leading Advantage Shows

Polaris Smart Grid Online News: In the first-time equipment, Special Change, Siyuan and Dongyuan Electric won the highest bids. The fourth tender of transformers was 29,011.99 MVA, which was a year-on-year decrease of 1.2% and a growth of 7.9% from the previous period. The first four batches of tenders totaled 151,474.58 MVA, which accounted for 58.2% of the total for the whole year; from the perspective of share, the special changes, the West Changes, and Dachi were the top ones. Among them, the share of special changes rose prominently from 18% to 34.4%. The fourth batch of tenders for combined appliances lasted 992 hours, an increase of 81.4% year-on-year, a decrease of 10.1% from the previous period, and the first four batches of tenders totalled 5787 intervals, an increase of 80.9% year-on-year, accounting for last year’s total The annual proportion is 89.4%: From the perspective of share, Siyuan’s share has declined in the West, Pinggao, and Beikai. The 6th batch of tenders for switchgear cabinets was 6,585 units, an increase of 52.1% year-on-year and a decrease of 14.6% month-on-month. Taikai, Dongyuan and Cooper were among the top, and the Great Wall and Senyuan fell. Siyuan has a share of 4.9% in reactors, 25.5% in transformers and 49.6% in arc suppression coils.

For secondary equipment, the protection bid was still concentrated, the monitoring bid winning situation was more dispersed, and XJ’s comprehensive bid winning rate was higher. Due to the sharp increase in the number of centralized bids for 10-110KV, the first four batches of protection equipment increased by 97.1% year-on-year. From the successful bid, the protection equipment continues to be concentrated in Dachang, mainly by Nan Rui Ji Bao, Guodian Nan Zi, and Xu Ji. Electricity, Sifang, and Shennanrui share the food. The share of Xu Ji’s share has increased significantly, and its share has increased to 23.4%. The last time Nanrui’s protection was awarded 10.7%, and the winning bid dropped to 1.2% of the first four batches of monitoring equipment. On a year-on-year decline of 5.7%, Beijing Sifang and Jinzhi Technology experienced a significant decline. The Quartet fell from 13% in the third batch to 0%, Jinzhi Technology fell from 11.8% to 2.5%, while the share of Oriental Electronics was It has improved from 2.3% to 9.8%, and NARI’s share has increased to 15.9%.

The proportion of smart substations has further increased, and the intelligent rate has reached 37%. The intelligent equipment tendering has started on a large scale. In the 11th year, only the second batch of bids were for 7 stations, but in the 12th batch, 197 were recruited in the first batch, and the second batch of recruited 254 stations. The increase was significant. Although the third batch of intelligentization rates declined, the original 34% decreased. To 23%, but the fourth batch also rose to 37%. From the total point of view, the current total construction of smart substation has more than 1088. We expect that with the further acceleration of the construction of smart substations, the proportion of intelligent equipment will continue to increase, and equipment vendors will also benefit. On the share of protection-based intelligent equipment, the share of Xu Ji increased significantly, reaching 24.5%; on the share of intelligent power-transmission monitoring equipment, the share of Shandong Luneng increased significantly from 2% to 13.1%, and the share of State Power Nan Rui rebounded from the third. 2.6% of the batch rebounded to 14.3%.

Investment Strategy and Recommendations:

Investment advice: Relatively optimistic about distribution equipment and secondary equipment, primary equipment is still at the bottom. Power distribution equipment, especially switchgear, has doubled over the previous four batches year-on-year, and the increase in the volume of centralized bidding is expected to benefit leading companies. We are optimistic about the distribution equipment sector. We recommend focusing on Senyuan Electric and Beijing Career. The amount of tendering equipment for smart substations increased year-on-year, and it is relatively optimistic about the leading enterprises of secondary equipment. It is recommended to pay attention to Guodian NARI, Sifang shares and XJ Electric. The total bidding amount of equipment once did not increase much, prices stabilized, and performance was improving in the third quarter. It is recommended to pay attention to Siyuan Electric, Pinggao Electric, and China West Power.

Recent focus: State Power NARI, Senyuan Electric, Zhengtai Electric, Siyuan Electric, Sifang, Beijing Career.

Risk Warning: Investment growth slows down and price competition exceeds expectations.

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