Art paint VS diatom mud, who is better!

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People who care about the news know that indoor environmental pollution is increasing, and “environmental protection” is still a hot spot in the home furnishing industry this year. Diatom mud is based on diatomaceous earth and is a new generation of interior decoration materials that replace wallpaper and latex paint. As another popular decorative material in recent years, what are the similarities and differences between diatom mud and the well-known art paints?

Purifying the air

Although diatom mud has an adsorption function, it is also selective, and if it is damaged after adsorption, it may not be able to adsorb those harmful gases, but instead cause anti-release after adsorption saturation, causing air pollution in the room again;

If the art paint itself is not contaminated, it will be damaged, and there is no need to worry about secondary pollution.

Color aspect

In terms of softness of color, what kind of pigment is used for diatom mud coloring, such as color paste, diatom mud is alkaline substance, and many pigments cannot be used at the same time, so diatom The mud promotes a soft decorative effect of plain color;

There are basically no other restrictions on the choice of artistic paints in terms of pigments. Therefore, the color matching can be as desired and colorful, and can meet the requirements of customers for color and personality effects.

Fire retardant

Diatom mud and art paints have a few thousand degrees Celsius, and are all fire-retardant and high-quality materials.

Dust protection

In the treatment of dust and stains, diatom mud has strong water absorption. If it encounters water, it will adsorb. Then the diatom mud will become cement, so the wall is dirty and can only be treated in a targeted manner. Wipe with a damp cloth;

The art paint is electrostatically treated, waterproof and moisture-proof. It can be wiped directly with a wet rag. The anti-staining ability and scrub resistance are very strong.

Service life

Diatom mud is more troublesome in the maintenance process, and it is more difficult to recover after damage, so the service life is not long;

The art paint is extremely viscous. It can be bent at will on the plastic plate, and there will be no peeling on the wall. It will be almost no quality problem for life.

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