【Real-time】 Zhong An “fly right away” opens the Qidu public welfare series event and arrive in Beijing or will receive a free mask

(Original title: Zhong An “flyed right away” to start the Chardonnay Public Wealth Series activities, arrived in Beijing or will receive a free mask)

Industrial pollution, automobile exhaust, and heating emissions ... have caused frequent winter fog and haze. The haze is not only a healthy killer, but also a traffic killer. Once it encounters hazy days, the visibility becomes lower, which can easily lead to road traffic accidents and bring hidden dangers to people's travel security. Severe haze can also affect aircraft takeoff and landing safety, leading to flight delays. , hinder the "flying people" normal travel.

Anti-mite masks to send small events to show great public interest

Since December, haze has continued to ravage Beijing, and PM2.5 concentrations at various monitoring sites in urban areas and southern suburbs have continued to “burst”. Citizens worry that “this may be the most difficult month for Beijing this year”.

Considering that passengers arriving in Beijing might not have been wearing their masks when they first arrived in Beijing, the public flight number “flying right away” (hereinafter referred to as “flying right away”) as a travel steward’s steward is from December 5 to December 25. Beijing Capital International Airport has carried out a series of public welfare activities with the theme of “fighting haze and peace of mind”. It gives free 3M masks to travellers arriving in Beijing to help prevent haze.

During the event, all passengers arriving at the Beijing Capital Airport will only need to scan the code and pay attention to “fly immediately.” According to the instructions to complete the mask, you can send code to the dispatched personnel at the airports of Beijing Capital Airport T2 and T3. It is understood that “flying right away” will also carry out this charity event in more haze-prone cities in the future to protect passengers’ health.

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PVC Wooden Ceiling Tiles does not contain any organic solvents, formaldehyde, asbestos, oils or other toxic substances that can have a negative impact on the environment and waterways.

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