Hanmas Furniture believes that upgrading the office environment will help improve corporate image and employee happiness.

In our old concept, the office environment is just the workplace, and office furniture is the basic product of the office. As long as the table is available, the chair can be seated and the cabinet can be placed. In turn, the beauty and culture of the office will be ignored. After all, the office is not home, the bosses will not pay too much attention, and most of them only pursue low prices. However, the small series of Hanmas solid wood office furniture believes that upgrading the office environment will help to enhance corporate image and employee happiness.


What most companies need to understand is that a person who goes to work sometimes does not have much time in the office at home. Having employees feel at home in the office is a smart choice for more and more companies. From internationally renowned companies: Google, Apple to Facebook. The office environment from Beijing and Shanghai is undergoing earth-shaking changes.
The creation of the office environment is not a cost, but the investment wisdom of shaping corporate image, retaining outstanding talents, improving work efficiency and creating brand competitiveness. As a kind of space-based enterprise management art, shaping the office environment has been valued by more and more enterprises. From office furniture purchase, office environment design, office space planning to office intelligent construction, more humane and more corporate culture office environment, has become more and more people's choice.
In the modern office environment, employees integrate their work into their own lives, and work becomes a pleasure, and overtime becomes a pleasure. Hanmasi solid wood office furniture believes that an excellent office environment can effectively improve employees' creativity and work efficiency, enhance employees' sense of well-being and belonging, and make the company a warm family that they do not want to leave.

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Super-strengthen spring steel is applied to centralize casing in wellbore, and improves cementing quality
1. Every attachment is pressed into shape by moulding instead of welding and rivet. 
2. 3-Section structure for easy transport. 
3. Starting force and restoring force conform to API standards. 
4. Easy-and-convenient to use. 
5. Alternative turbulence plates can effectually improve displacement efficiency.

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