Managing greenhouse vegetables

    Improvement in the greenhouse of cultivated vegetables or the use of some small techniques can improve the growth environment of greenhouse vegetables, increase their yield and improve the quality of vegetables.

    First, the garden soil disinfection. Applying an average of 3 grams to 5 grams of carbendazim or methyl bromide per square meter of garden soil can eliminate pathogenic bacteria in the soil and avoid soil-borne diseases.

    Second, double-layer coverage. Covering the mulch in the greenhouse or adding a small arch shed, covering the mulch can increase the temperature of the soil surface by 2 degrees Celsius, and adding a small arch shed can also keep the temperature of the vegetable growing environment above 15 degrees Celsius.

    Third, improve the film mode. Replace the bamboo raft and bamboo frame film with iron wire, and replace the bamboo raft with plastic rope as a climbing object to reduce the opacity and improve the photosynthetic efficiency.

    Fourth, improve the irrigation method. The use of drip irrigation or submerged drenching instead of traditional flooding can reduce the relative temperature of the air in the greenhouse by more than 10%.

    Fifth, choose to use no drip film. No drop film will not condense water droplets, and the light transmittance can reach more than 98%. If you use a general shed film, you can apply chlorpyrifos on the shed film or stick to the daily cleaning to remove water droplets on the film and enhance the light.

    Six, sprinkle ash. In the greenhouse, the hay ash is often sprinkled, which can control the occurrence of diseases such as vegetable disease and blight, and promote the healthy growth of vegetables.

    7. Increase the application of Carbon dioxide. Burning biogas in a greenhouse can not only increase the temperature of the greenhouse, but also supplement the carbon dioxide gas.

    Eight, set up the reflective screen. The installation of a reflective screen on the back wall of the greenhouse can enhance the light in the low light area, resulting in a soil temperature increase of 2 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees Celsius.

    9. Apply a growth regulator. Reasonable application of exogenous plant growth hormone can promote healthy growth of plants and avoid falling flowers and fruits.

    Ten, ingenious use of drugs. Taking dust, smoke and other medication methods, not only does the spray medication increase the defect of the relative humidity of the air in the greenhouse, but it is also simple and easy to implement, and the efficacy is stable and effective.



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