Various types of wood plate knowledge

Plastic composite steel plate is a soft or semi-rigid polyvinyl chloride plastic film coated with 0.2 to 0.4 mm on a steel plate or a profiled steel plate, which is divided into single-sided and double-sided coating. It has the characteristics of insulation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and oil resistance; it can be used as wallboard and roof panel.

Veneer It is made of natural wood sliced ​​or spin-cut into a thickness of 0.2 to 1 mm, which is laminated on plywood, fiberboard, particleboard and other substrates. This material has a clear texture and natural color and is a high-grade decorative material.

Calcium-plastic plate is made of high-pressure polyethylene as a substrate, adding a large amount of light calcium carbonate and a small amount of additives, and is made by processes such as mastication, hot pressing and foaming. This kind of plate is light, soundproof, heat insulation and moisture proof. Mainly used for ceiling tops.

Medium density fiberboard, fiberboard is a kind of artificial board. It uses plant fiber as raw material, shaving, fiber separation, slab forming (mixing resin glue and additive paving), making cellulose and half under hot pressing. A sheet of plasticized cellulose and lignin.

Fiberboard is divided into three types: hard fiberboard, semi-hard fiberboard and soft fiberboard. Hard fiberboard is mainly used for ceiling and partition wall panels. The surface of the board is drilled to form various patterns, and various coatings are applied on the surface to make the decoration effect better. Hard fiberboard sound absorption, waterproof performance, sturdy and durable, easy to construct.

Activated Carbon is a very small carbon particle with a large surface area, and there are even smaller holes in the carbon particle-capillary. This capillary has a strong adsorption capacity, because of the large surface area of the carbon particles, it can be in full contact with gas(impurities). When these gases(impurities) touch the capillary, they are adsorbed and act as purifiers. The study of the surface area of activated carbon is very important. The detection data of the specific surface area of activated carbon is only true and reliable by using the BET method. At present, there are many instruments in China that can only be detected by direct comparison methods. Now it is also in China. It was eliminated. At present, multi-point BET method is used for specific surface area testing at home and abroad. The specific surface area measurement standards formulated at home and abroad are based on BET test methods. See the Chinese National Standard(GB/T 19587-2004)-BET principle for the determination of the surface area of solid substances. The specific surface area detection is actually a more time-consuming task. Due to the different adsorption capabilities of samples, the testing of some samples may take a whole day. If the test process is not fully automated, the testers can not leave at all times. And to be highly focused, observe the dashboard, control the knob, and inadvertently lead to the failure of the test process, which will waste a lot of valuable time for the tester. The F-Sorb 2400 ratio surface area tester is an instrument that can truly achieve the BET method detection function(with a direct comparison method). The more important F-Sorb 2400 ratio surface area tester is the only fully automated and intelligent surface area detection device in China so far., Its test results are highly consistent with international standards and have good stability. At the same time, it reduces human error and improves the accuracy of test results.


Other Activated Carbon

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