Eight Nodes That Home Owners Must Attend

Renovation is a big project. Generally, it is difficult to renovate in three or two months. Therefore, many people who have first-time renovations hate to guard the construction site every day to prevent the decoration company from getting tricky. However, in fact, it is not so hard to do day-to-day tasks. In fact, as long as you do not miss the most critical several times on the line.

First, on-site submission

At the scene, the client, designer, project supervisor, and construction manager will participate in the four-party meeting. The designer will explain the budget items, drawings, and special processes to the construction manager on site and coordinate the relevant procedures. In many cases, the owners first renovated, they didn't understand many things, and when they did, there were many people. Designers, supervisors, and factories also said that they were very professional. The owners are easily confused, they sign when they get confused, and finally they regret. And, therefore, the business must pay attention when it comes to the bottom, don't be afraid of trouble, if you don't understand or have questions, be sure to ask and correct it in time.

When the bottom is over, the following points are mainly noted:

1. Equipment to be retained at the construction site. In this regard, both sides of the contract should use the text to describe the quantity, quality, and protection requirements of these devices.

2. Problems at the site. For example, the bathroom is found to be blocked by water, there is a problem with the TV antenna signal, and door locks with anti-theft functions are damaged, etc. It is necessary for both parties to sign and confirm.

3, on-site production or confirmation of special practices. This kind of work is absolutely necessary for every type of work for home decoration, such as the modeling of joinery for woodworking; the position of the waistline when the tile is pasted on the tile, how many times the oil paint is applied, and how the electric line is switched off. How many outlets, where, whether plumbers need to change the direction of the upper and lower water, whether the sanitary ware needs to be displaced and so on. Words can be expressed clearly. If it is difficult to express clearly in words, you need to make more in-depth explanations by using descriptive sketches or formal drawings.

4. Both sides of the contract should be clear. The written consensus reached at the time of on-site submission is the same legal effect as the contractual document and the home improvement contract, and must be complied with by the contracting parties during construction and subsequent contract execution.

Second, material acceptance must arrive

Under normal circumstances, the decoration company will put the materials on the construction site before the construction, allowing the business to conduct inspection and acceptance. The inspection and acceptance content is roughly the same as whether the materials on the inspection site are stipulated in the contract, mainly checking the quality and quantity as well as the brand name, etc. In general, the materials to be inspected before construction include pipes, wires, planks, putty, cement, sand, etc.. As the project progresses, tiles, paints, and paints will be accepted one after another in the later stages; after the inspection is completed, the owner signs the decoration company. In order to carry out construction.

Third, hydropower reform and acceptance must come

The acceptance of hydropower reforms is relatively important, and special attention must be paid to acceptance. Because pipes and wires are generally buried in walls, if there is a problem, it will be more difficult and costly to perform maintenance and reconstruction.

Water pipe inspection is mainly divided into two steps:

1. Closed water test: After waterproof construction, check the waterproof insulation layer. The depth of water storage shall not be less than 10mm, and the water storage time shall not be less than 24 hours.

2, pressure test: water pressure does not drop pressure for one hour, or the average pressure of 0.05 MPa to pass.

Wire inspection is also divided into two steps:

1, strong and weak electricity inspection: check to pay special attention, the capacity of the wire can not be greater than 40% of the tube, and strong and weak electricity can not be worn in the same tube, such as cable can not be worn in the same tube with the wire, otherwise it will affect The use of computers can cause security incidents.

2. Check the condition of the electric tube: The electric tube runs at the bottom, the transverse groove can not walk the wall; open the vertical groove upwards; go to the proper height and height according to the design scheme; the kitchen and toilet groove need to be waterproof.

Construction Crossing Water and Electricity Acceptance Construction Acceptance Acceptance Ground Acceptance

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