How to use tile adhesive? Common sense questions you must understand

In life, many people have seen cement paste tiles, but glued to the tiles with glue, there should be very few people. This glue is called tile adhesive , which is the adhesive used to paste tiles. Tiles glued with this glue are very strong, not easy to fall off, warp or hollow, and are also easy to clean. So, how to use tile adhesive ? What common sense problems do you have to understand? Let's follow the decoration of the decoration home to see the knowledge about tile adhesive.


       Tile adhesive tools: electric mixer, toothed scraper, solid plastic bucket, small blade, level ruler, plastic cross, rubber hammer.

Tile adhesive use:

Step 1: Check that the surface of the base layer that needs to be tiled is clean, flat, smooth and firm. If it does not meet the standard, please follow the repair and smoothing with cement mortar.

       Step 2: Prepare the tile adhesive and pour 20kg of tile glue and 4-5kg of water into the mixing tank.

Step 3: Stir the mixture of tile glue and water. If you need to enhance the adhesion, you can only add special tile adhesive reinforcement, and you can't add cement.

       Step 4: Stir evenly for the first time until there is no paste of the sediment and the particles, then leave it for a few minutes and stir it again to apply the tile. The tile adhesive that is configured should generally be used up within 5-6 hours.

Step 5: When applying glue on the surface of the base or the back of the tile, use a professional “toothed scraper”, apply 1 square meter of construction surface at a time and then apply it again.


       Step 6: Apply tile adhesive on the surface of the base layer and the back of the tile to start tiling. Be aware that there may be dust on the back of the tile. If it is, dry the dust before applying it.

Step 7: While tiling the bricks, gently press them with your hands or a rubber hammer to adjust and compact them in time.

Step 8: Tiles should be neatly tidy. It is best to use a level ruler or a dedicated cross to measure and correct them in time.

       Step 9: After the tiles are pasted, they should be cleaned in time. The longer the time, the more difficult the cleaning will be.

Step 10: Generally, after filling the tile for 24 hours, fill it.

       The use of tile adhesives is now more and more common, and there is a tendency to replace cement and yellow sand. However, the price of tile adhesive is relatively expensive, and the construction process requirements are relatively high. Once used improperly, the effect will be very poor. Therefore, if you are considering cement or tile adhesive, you must choose the product that suits you best according to the actual situation. Want to know more about the relevant knowledge, please visit the decoration home, enter the decoration encyclopedia to inquire!

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