How to maintain and repair the bathroom cabinet, the dealer must know

As a good bathroom companion, the bathroom cabinet plays an indispensable role in the bathroom of the curtain, but every thing has its service life. Understanding the eight maintenance and repair items of the bathroom cabinet will greatly extend the bathroom cabinet. Service life!

First, the maintenance of the bathroom cabinet

1. Lightly put: When carrying the bathroom cabinet, it should be lifted gently and gently. Do not drag hard and pull hard. When placing it, put it flat and stable. If the ground is not flat, the foot pad should be solid to prevent damage to the cabinet eye structure.

2, sunscreen: bathroom cabinets should not be exposed to the sun, or placed in excessively dry places, in order to prevent dry deformation of wood.

3, cleaning: clean the bathroom cabinet can be diluted with a general detergent, wet with a soft cloth and then wipe the stained place along the wood grain.

4, water stains: If the bathroom cabinet accidentally has water stains, use a damp cloth to cover the mark, and then carefully press the wet cloth with the iron several times, the mark will disappear.

5, scratches: bathroom cabinet paint surface scratches, not touch the paint under the wood, can be the same color of the same cabinet crayons or paint, painted on the wound surface of the cabinet, an exposed base color, and then with a transparent nail has a thin Apply a layer.

6, often with a soft cloth along the texture of the wood, dust the bathroom cabinet, before dusting, hard on the soft cloth dipped in detergent (Bi Lizhu), do not wipe with a dry cloth, so as not to scratch, bathroom cabinet When using in a dry environment, manual humidification measures should be taken. For example, regularly wipe the bathroom cabinet with a soft cloth and water.

7, the maintenance of the bathroom countertop: When using, do not be scratched by sharp hard objects, the colored countertops are cleaned with a neutral detergent.

8: Maintenance of the lens: When there is water stain on the lens of the bathroom cabinet, clean it with a soft cloth and a neutral detergent.

Second, bathroom cabinet repair

(1) Ceramic basin scratches: The surface of the ceramic basin should be kept clean at all times, and the dust and sand should be removed in time to prevent the surface from being scratched. When the surface of the ceramic basin is scratched, a little toothpaste can be applied to the scratched surface and repeated with a soft dry cloth. Wipe and wax again to make the surface as smooth as new.

(2) Scratch of artificial stone countertop: You can use 800# sandpaper or scouring pad to add water to gently wipe off the surface scratches, you can restore the original shape.

(3) Burn marks: The scorch marks left by the fireworks on the bathroom cabinet surface. If the paint surface is burnt, put a fine cloth on the toothpick, gently wipe the traces, and then apply a thin layer of vinegar. The scorch marks can be eliminated.

(4) Hot marks: There is a white hot mark on the bathroom cabinet. The silver crystal bathroom tells Xiaobian that it can be wiped with a cloth moistened with alcohol, toilet water or kerosene.

(5) Water stain: mark the wet cloth on the bathroom cabinet, carefully press the wet cloth with an electric iron, and the mark will disappear.

(6) Scratch: The paint on the lacquer surface of the bathroom cabinet is not touched by the lacquer. The crayon or pigment of the same color as the cabinet can be applied to the wound surface of the cabinet to cover the exposed ground color, and then the transparent nail polish is thin. Apply a thin layer.

(7) Remove the white mark: Apply a mixture of soot and lemon juice to the cloth.

(8) Regular waxing: Every 6-12 months, paste wax is used as a layer of wax on the bathroom cabinet, including cabinet, hardware handle, towel bar and bracket.

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