Shower room glue strips pros and cons identify shower room purchase tips

The shower room strip mainly serves to protect the glass and avoid the self-explosion of the glass collision. However, the main materials on the market today are pvc and EVA; the two properties are different and the effects are different. The quality of the strip is mainly due to the quality of the raw materials and the control of the process. Then, the next small series introduces the advantages and disadvantages of the shower room and the selection of shower room.

Shower room glue strip identification

First, smell it, smell it with your nose, and the normal pvc material will not have a pungent smell.

Second, after drying in the sun, the strip can be exposed to high temperature, and the surface of the strip is stained and discolored, and the dust on the surface of the strip is oily and yellow.

Third, take a look, you can look at the quality of the strip, the surface of the strip is not very bright, it is best not to buy those strips that are not bright.

Fourth, look at the proportion, many black-hearted traders, will use fakes on the use of fillers, using talcum powder, heavy calcium and other things as fillers, which can increase the proportion of seal products.

Shower room shopping tips

1, the shower room should be beautiful

Although the selection of the shower room is important, the shape of the shower room can not be ignored. The overall appearance of the shower room is visual animal, especially the shower room with high frequency of use in daily life. The shower room with good overall appearance can make people brain. The release of a large amount of polyphenolamines enhances people's aesthetic enjoyment and thus relaxes.

2, the shower door should be comfortable

The track of the shower door is easy to stain and difficult to clean, so people will choose to open the door, suitable for a large bathroom, the switch is convenient and effortless, but the force should be used, and there should be no easy to bump around. You can choose different ways to open according to the bathroom in your home.

3, sliding the sliding door should be smooth

Sliding door pulleys should pay special attention to the inconvenience that the inferior pulleys are difficult to pull, and when the force is pulled, the glass is unevenly affected and it is easy to explode. All the pulleys are made of imported stainless steel bearings and copper bearings. The bearing capacity is strong and the service life is very long. The wheel handle is made of nylon material, which is smooth and ultra-smooth. The original plastic alloy double pulley design has passed the EU quality system certification.

4, the swing door hardware should be durable

The hardware surface of the shower room can not be uneven. After using for a period of time, it is easy to wear, fade or even rust. Furui intelligent shower room hardware is made of high-grade stainless steel and copper chrome plating. It has high hardness and strong bearing capacity. It accelerates the test by using acetic acid salt spray. 9 high standards, high precision with the accessories, strong corrosion resistance, quality is always firm and give you peace of mind for a long time.

5, the shower room profile should be strong

Generally, the thickness of the profile of the shower room is only 0.7mm-1.1mm. Most of the recycled aluminum alloy is recycled. The hardness fluctuates greatly and is very brittle. The surface has many trachoma, pinholes and lines, and the color is dark. Many times it looks thick but thick. Compressive and impact resistant, it is easy to rust in a damp bathroom, and it is easy to cause the shower room to blew.

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