What problems should be paid attention to in the improvement of Atractylodes field management?

Atractylodes macrocephala is a relatively common medicinal material. Today, I would like to share with you some questions about the improvement of Atractylodes sinensis field management.

Problems that should be paid attention to in the improvement of Atractylodes field management: Linyi Fertilizer Network
After the seedlings are unearthed, weeding should be carried out in time, and the seedlings should be 4-6 cm apart. If the weather is dry, plant a grass and spray a new high-fat film to form a polymer film to reduce water evaporation. It is necessary to plough and weed. The first few times of cultivating can be deeper, and should be shallow in the future. After mid-May, the plants enter a period of vigorous growth, generally no longer cultivated, and if there are weeds between the plants, they can be removed by hand. In mid-June, the plants began to bud, usually in the middle and early July, after the buds of Atractylodes sinensis and before flowering, the buds were removed in batches. Picking buds is beneficial to improve the yield and quality of Atractylodes Rhizome. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
During the whole growth period of Atractylodes macrocephala, sufficient water is needed, especially when the rhizome enlargement period requires more water. If it is dry, it should be watered for irrigation in time. If water accumulates after rain, it should be drained in time. Before and after the bud, the fertilizer can be applied once, and the foliar spray application of the roots of Daling and photosynthetic nutrient film fertilizer can help the plant absorb a large amount of light fertilizer, light energy, light, compatible with conventional fertilizers and nutrients to supply plant growth and development to the limit. One-year benefits for one application. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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