Bonafontaine: bedtime taboo for sleep and liver

"Sleeping is the food of the eye", which means that sleep is the source of supplementation for the eyes. Why sleep sleeps, it is because healthy sleep is the most liver. The Bona Fontaine Research Center pointed out that Chinese medicine believes that "the liver is open to the eye" and that raising the liver is to raise the eye. "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" says: "The person lies in the liver." From the perspective of Western medicine, the blood flow into the liver during sleep is many times higher than when standing, which is beneficial to enhance liver cell function and improve detoxification ability. Chinese medicine believes that 1 to 3 am in the morning is the time when the liver is "on duty". This period is the best time to raise the liver. Sleeping and nourishing the liver, but the Bona Fontaine Mattress Sleep Research Center reminds that if you want to raise the liver and protect the liver, the following points before bedtime are taboo:

1. Drinking before going to bed Some people think that a glass of red wine before going to bed is not only a manifestation of self-style, but also a way of maintenance. But this approach is not suitable for everyone. First of all, people with chronic liver disease are not suitable for drinking, such as: chronic viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, drug-induced liver disease, fatty liver and so on. Red wine also contains a certain amount of alcohol, if drinking will aggravate the condition. In addition, Chinese medicine believes that when people sleep at night, it is the best time to raise the liver. At this time, if you drink alcohol, it will increase the burden on the liver. Because most of the alcohol is metabolized in the liver, when the person is at rest, the liver is working overtime. To the purpose of raising the liver.
2, eat fried food before going to bed. Fried food damage to the liver is very large. The accumulation of oils and saturated fatty acids leads to fatty liver. Frequently eating fried foods not only does not adversely affect the waist circumference, raises cholesterol levels, but also damages the liver. Eating fried food for one month, the damage to the liver is similar to hepatitis.
3, play mobile phone before going to bed Many people think about brushing microblogging before going to bed, brushing friends circle, the results can not stop when touched the phone, often turned into a night and night family. Staying up late to hurt the liver, the night is the time for the liver to rest. Chinese medicine believes that the night is the time for the liver to raise liver and blood. If you miss this time, it will hurt the liver.
4, too much medicine before going to bed A study said that long-term use of painkillers and other drugs, will increase the burden of liver detoxification, leading to liver damage. A variety of drugs and their metabolites are prone to liver damage, leading to drug-induced hepatitis (referred to as drug liver).
Of course, attention to light sleep is not enough. In fact, in daily life, it is necessary to maintain liver health:
1, more exercise to strengthen exercise and exercise, improve their own immunity, help promote liver cell metabolism, and promote liver function.
2, a reasonable diet, light diet, should not eat spicy food. Drink less or not drink. Be careful not to eat moldy food. Pickled foods should be eaten as little as possible.
3. Control emotions

The so-called anger of the liver, the impact of emotions on liver health is also great. Maintaining a good mood at ordinary times is conducive to liver health.

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