Three-roll gate management of entrance and exit of city gymnasium

At present, the construction of basic sports facilities in China is more and more comprehensive. The gymnasium of a city reflects the comprehensive development level of the city to a certain extent. It is the basis for comprehensive consideration of politics, economy and culture, and a good entrance and exit management system for the stadium. It is conducive to making the entrance and exit of the stadium more safe and efficient, so that the security system of the system can be carried out more safely and orderly. I don’t know how other cities are, the stadiums in Anhui are built to be wide and beautiful, and the World University Games are held. The sports style added by Shenzhen, the current sports venues are mainly used to hold large-scale events and events, watching concerts at a wide stadium, singing a song with tens of thousands of people, the scene is really a shock of the three-roller what.

Speaking of the stadium, we have to mention its entrance and exit management, because this is related to our products, I believe you will also pay more attention to the entrance and exit of the stadium, the important part of the studio (room) and the VIP room (area) entrance and exit, important goods library The main entrances and exits such as the entrance and exit of the financial room in the building are distinguished by professional and public categories. Professional entrances and exits are combined with the active document management system to verify the identity and authority by reading the information contained in the documents, and to control and manage the access of professionals (athletes, officials, journalists, staff). The public entrance and exit combined with the ticketing system to control and control the audience's admission, fast and accurate statistics and real-time query of ticket sales data, audience traffic, forecast various ticket data, with fault self-test and alarm prompt function, convenient for users to maintain and use ;

Due to the large number of personnel in the gymnasium, the entrance and exit control system has high requirements for information transmission, so the Ethernet access control system should be adopted. When the telescopic arm is in the process of resetting, it will stop automatically or stop working in the default time; the sound and light alarm function: including illegal intrusion and trailing alarm;

The stadium must not only ensure the smooth progress of a grand event, but also ensure that all the people who come to watch the game can safely enter and exit the stadium without any unfortunate traffic accidents, and jointly complete a cheerful sports event, advanced and stable. The stadium entrance and exit system undoubtedly makes this realization of expectations no longer a problem.

The application of Shanghe and Sanluo gates in the entrance and exit of the gym has been very common. The quality and reputation of the products have been recognized by customers all over the country. They believe in 10 years of persistence and innovation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Anhui Linbo. Intelligent Technology.

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