Lead Show China: 2010 China Cosmetics Review

Time flies, years old.

In a blink of an eye, in 2010, it unknowingly reached the end. The history and inventory of China's cosmetics industry this year is indeed an extraordinary year. It can be described as colorful and contending.

Looking back at the upcoming year, besides the enhancement of the entire industry's competition barriers, the dispute between the local and foreign armies is also the main melody of the industry competition. The national benchmark brands Rancao Ji and Mao Geping are still tenaciously defending China in the first channel. The honor and dignity of the brand, the channel list sample cards Nature Hall and Kazilan, staged the penetration and impact from the third channel to the first and second channels, and persistently practiced the theme dream of their own first-line brands.

Faced with rumors of P & We swallowing German Beiersdorf, L'Oreal Acquiring Avon, etc., the industry's noisy messages and diversified voices appear to be much more positive than in previous years, and it seems to imply to us - the Chinese cosmetics market. The era of comprehensive revival and innovation and prosperity has come closer to us.

On the local brand front, in my opinion: there are many national brands can be described as an outstanding representative of the industry model, they basically complete the outline of the development of the overall appearance of the local brand of Chinese cosmetics in 2010, objectively showing the current status and pattern of industry competition , Below, may wish to share with the author how to lead China in the United States in 2010.

Phenomenon 1: The United States is the span of the United States in 2010, talk about the Chinese cosmetics industry's most valuable brands and events, I want to love the beauty of the industry's industry, there must be a few.

Founded in 2004, the United States is the brand, after less than six years of sharpening the market, the United States that the brand in the Chinese mask industry's sales share ranked first, the market share reached 15.1%. It is estimated that in 2010, the sales revenue of Midea will exceed the market scale of 700 million yuan, which will become the leading brand in the mask market in China. It will be successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on September 24, 2010, becoming the Chinese cosmetics industry. The sixth listed company.

The United States is the unconventional development track of the brand. Most people in the industry believe that it is a marketing success. Others think that it is a component of luck. However, no matter how unrefined it is, it cannot change the industry status and professional achievements it has today!

6 years of brand development, 6 years of innovation.

Finally work hard pays off. In 2010, the American brand was an average sales of 19.5 million yuan per month. It not only became the second single brand of Watsons’s local brand sales, but also achieved the sales champion brand of mask category. In a flash, the United States completed its own Market challenges and goals across.

It is hard to imagine the rapid growth of the US brand, which is a typical asset-light company. Without production plants and R&D technology, it is relying on its superb marketing and brand promotion capabilities. It once again proves that in today's Chinese cosmetics industry, Marketing is still an objective reality of primary productivity.

The leap of beauty is not only because of its achievements in the capital market, but because of its 4 million yuan start-up and six years of market efforts, it has actually achieved a subversive leap from quantitative to qualitative change. This is for a large number of growing Chinese cosmetics companies. In other words, there are typical model demonstrations and benchmarking effects.

Phenomenon 2: The confident beauty of Poraya On March 26th, 2010, Poraya held a grand dinner for the 2010 Big Brands Future - The Beauty of Coopera's Blooming Ocean at Beijing Liangmahe Hotel. The Polaija brand endorsement **S was sent through the VCR. Good Wishes, more than one hundred people from famous figures such as the famous singer Ellaine Lin, the host Sa Bening, the head of the China Department Store Business Association, and senior management staff of the domestic well-known department stores, gathered to witness the innovation of the “Big Brand Great Future” Lu, the conference demonstrated the concept of the future development of Poraya, and provided a cooperation model and opportunity for Chinese brands to establish themselves in Asia and move toward international goals.

In 2010, Fang Yuyou, general manager of Hangzhou Coryalasia Holdings Co., Ltd., disclosed to outsiders that on the basis of continuous realization of the 2008 “Beyond” and 2009 “takeoff” goals, in 2010 Coopera developed “five new and five high” for themselves. The brand strategy, namely new strategies, new image, new products, new advertisements, new packaging, new starting point, high standards, high technology, high investment, and high growth, will make every effort to open up the future of the international brand.

In 2010, under the boost of the “Five new and five high” strategies, the company’s brand development momentum remained swift and powerful. By the end of 2010, the total number of brands had grown to dozens, with more than 800 single products. There are more than 200 agents, nearly 9,000 retail outlets and 30 sales networks across the country. The beauty of self-confidence is at a glance!

Phenomenon 3: The beauty of Maru Mei’s metamorphosis In 2000, the Marumei brand was born in Guangzhou. At the beginning of its creation, Maru Mei entered the professional line channel mainly for images of Japanese geisha with a burgundy background.

With its outstanding performance in cell activity, elastin, and eye care, Maruno has become a brand new to the local high-end market. In 2010, the Marumei brand continued to maintain a strong momentum of development, and its market performance and achievements were not to be underestimated. It was rumored at the beginning of the year that Maru earned an equity investment from an international venture capital company, and at the end of the year, Marumei obtained traffic. The unsecured credit of the bank of 1 billion yuan is the best example.

With 10 years of development and 10 years of accumulation, Maruyama has built a strong distribution network. At present, it has established more than 600 counters for major shopping malls and over 5,000 cosmetics boutiques.

In 2010, Marumei Corporation not only ushered in the 10th anniversary of the Daqing, the Marumei brand's sales payment scale also broke through the 1 billion yuan mark in one fell swoop, and successfully joined the "China cosmetics industry 1 billion yuan club".

Therefore, if it is said that the year 2008 is the year of the painful growth of the Marumei brand, then in 2010, it must be the watershed of the Marumei brand's new and old journey, because we have gracefully seen the beauty of Maru Mei's metamorphosis!

Phenomenon 4: The Beauty of Breaking Beauty of Mizuhide Before 2010, there were few people paying attention to the Mizuhide Show brand. Even if it was concerned, it was only because it had a counter in Watson to sell.

In 2010, Mizuno became one of the most growing domestic brands with its orderly brand marketing and excellent national market performance. From the author's point of view: Mitsudo did show a lot of efforts and actions in the industry. Whether it was new listing and channel coverage, or team building and sales experience, as well as innovative models and conference marketing, dared to break the conventional competitive strategy and touch the industry. The deeper details-oriented thinking and the rapid shaping of brand tension have not only injected new market vitality for industrial competition, but also helped the rise and revival of national brands.

This year, the Mizushiro Show brand has completed the brand transformation and magnificent turn in the process of its market scale; this year, it will definitely leave a deep impression on the history of the Mizuhi Shuichi show, and it will definitely be set in Mitsutsu. Show people's good memories. Because this year, the Mizushiro Show brand has completed self-transcendence and is comparable to the promotion.

Do not break without legislation, first break after the legislation. Once again, you will have a good applause for the beautiful beauty of Mizuho!

Phenomenon 5: The beauty of the swiftness of the door in 2010 In the year 2010, Mingyuexiu launched the old goddess Zhao Yazhi ** as the brand spokesperson for the famous brand. Her aesthetic and elegant new TV commercials were displayed on the Jiangsu TV’s gold mega show, “If You Are the One.” Out of it, it caused the industry to be appalled, envious of eyes and concerns, but this did not affect the pace of advancement.

In August 2010, as a top-notch gold product, the first line of products, once the product was launched, it continued to be hot in all markets.

From the beginning of the brand's founding, Zhongyue, the top performer of the famous brand, is determined to be a world-class brand representing Chinese culture and embodying the charm of the East with a great dream of “100-year brand”. For 14 years, Mingmengxiu has been keeping its own brand positioning, based on high-end, low-key stealth, with the palace of the Han and Oriental aesthetics to lead the trend of skin care, with a unique image and quality to sublimate itself as a classic beyond the fashion. It is precisely because of its unique local cultural elements and the strategic positioning of the target, and it is firmly fighting in the Chinese cosmetics market. The famous show has become the only watcher in the mid-to-high end skin care market.

If the Queen of Cheongsam Chen Quan leads the door into the era of beauty, then the old goddess Zhao Yazhi will join hands to achieve the beauty of the butterfly, together toward the next peak!

Phenomenon 6: The fashion beauty of affordable herbal medicine takes the herbal concept as an element, and the affordable herbal brand with the theme of fashion and health is the brand with the largest increase in the national brand in 2010, compared with the market of retail market with a market value of RMB 700 million in 2009. In 2010, sales in the market were easily doubled – in 2010, the national market sales exceeded the one billion yuan mark in one fell swoop and successfully entered the “one billion yuan club in the Chinese cosmetics industry”.

In addition, the affordable herbal brand has always been considered by the industry as an emerging channel—the forerunner of Internet channel marketing and sales. This is mainly due to the promotion of affordable and early-stage marketing campaigns on websites such as Weiyi.com. "Advantageously spread word-of-mouth communication events of the Materia Medica community", thus raising the popularity of affordable herbal medicine to the extreme!

In October 2010, the author once again visited the headquarters of Hewlett-Packard Company in Garden Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, and met with the Chairman of the Appropriate Herbs Company, Ms. Feng Shuai. Through the conversation, she learned that the sales of the affordable herbal medicine in the online store channel increased significantly, and the product sales on the B2C website. It has already reached a market scale of 100 million yuan. In the future, it will further strengthen the diversified penetration of business models of emerging channels, and is committed to in-depth communication and deep cooperation between affordable herbal brand products, emerging channel agents and B2C websites, and to promote and build a strong strategy. The alliance is walking in the forefront of the skincare online shopping market with its aggressive attitude.

Phenomenon 7: Yalijie's beautiful appearance in 2010 will undoubtedly become the year of Yalijie’s acceleration. In this year Yalijie not only aims to complete the task of doubling the sales target, but also will be “a famous brand for a century”. The "Yalijie mode" composed of the three core elements of "direct supply model" and "private brand" has been performed to the extreme. Continued cultivation and in-depth incubation have resulted in a large number of "daily sales of 10,000 yuan" and "daily sales of 20,000 yuan. "The cosmetics shop, so that" Yalijie chariot" to the "altar" has taken another step!

All along, the industry believes that there is a “five laws” in the cosmetics store channel: first, the brand must have a spokesperson; second, there must be branding and advertising; and third, there must be a resident training Team; Fourth, we must have a dedicated brand image counter. Fifth, there must be a certain percentage of promotional items and material props support.

Facing the Five Principles, Yalijie broke the stereotypes with her own actions. Because these five elements were not available to Yalijie, but Yalijie’s brand marketing was successful, and it seems that this is an old saying. : The soldiers are impermanent, and the water is not constant.

In 2010, in response to the industry's controversy over the "Ya Lijie phenomenon" and the "Ya Lijie model", Yali Jie did not bother to pay attention, and was still leisurely engaged in the work of his own shop magician. Dedicated to the transformation and refurbishment of shops and the whole shop upgrade work.

From the author's point of view, this is the so-called "unique beauty, the beauty of the beauty" of the straightforward expression.

Phenomenon 8: Beauty of the beauty of Shi Rui's blooming In 1990, Italy's native strep brand entered the Chinese market. It first brought hair removal as a fashion, etiquette and cultural concept to China, leading and creating China's hair removal market. development of.

As the most professional hair removal product, strep has become the most assured of Ms. Aimei in the past 20 years by virtue of its unique anti-hair and anti-allergy formulas, with its characteristics of safety, reliability, effectiveness, and long-lasting maintenance. One of the most popular hair removal products.

The poem debuting cream, which is known for its “classic quality and trustworthy,” has led the development of the professional hair removal market in China for 20 years.

The brand Shirui, which is under development, has always been dedicated to the intensive cultivation of the first channel. It has not only successfully entered the brand's “100 Parkson Shopping Mall”, “Hangzhou Tower”, “Chengdu Ito Yokado”, “Xi’an Kaiyuan” but also hundreds of homes. Department stores; and in the face of the booming third channel, the Shirui brand has also launched a full range of branded products into well-known cosmetics chain stores in the country, such as Liaoning Meicheng, Guangzhou Guerlain, Shenzhen Qianxie, Beijing Bingyi, Shanghai Geishima, Nanjing Percent Women, Zhejiang Tang Sancai, Zhejiang Xiusi, Luoyang Colors, Shandong Sanxin, Jilin Changfeng, Hebei Black Swan, Fuzhou Girlfriend, Zhuhai Meiyanfang, and thousands of famous chain stores.

In 2010, the development of the Shirui brand was obvious to all. In addition to continuing to stabilize the market advantage of the Shirui brand, its subsidiary brand Danpai poetry also achieved considerable development and progress.

Twenty years of market cultivation and 20 years of trials and hardships, Shi Rui has become a symbol and synonym for professional hair removal. It not only promotes the brand performance strategy of “using hair removal and selecting Shi Rui” to the extreme, but also pours out Shi Rui. Beautiful colorful industry! Its blooming fashion beauty brand force, can accumulate a lot of hair-style burst!