7 home cleaning coups not good to use your alarm

When you accidentally spilled red wine on a white shirt, or when preparing food, being splashed by ketchup, or dropping the sauce on the carpet, you will feel very annoyed. In order to avoid ugly stains in your home, we will introduce you to 7 good ways to remove stubborn stains. Are you ready? Take these home cleaning tips together!

Home cleaning coup 1, red wine stains

When you were reading a book and savouring wine, the unexpected doorbell scared you, knocking you over the whole glass of red wine. The worst thing was that you were wearing light-colored clothes! In order to deal with the stains of red wine, you can apply a little vinegar and wait for a few minutes. Then you can put some baking soda on it and then wipe it with a soft brush. The next step is to put your shirt in the washing machine, or you can wash it by hand to prevent the red wine from depositing on the surface of the clothes.


Home cleaning coup 2 carpet stained with sauce

The carpet is an element that can bring the temperature inside the room and change the atmosphere. You can put a carpet in the living room or bedroom to light the entire space. However, although the carpet has many advantages, cleaning is a bit tricky. If food, such as sauce, falls onto the carpet and produces stains, you can mix it with vinegar, detergent, and water, then moisten it with a rag, and then clean the stains on the carpet.


Home cleaning coup 3, coffee stains

Are you also someone who doesn't get it all right without drinking coffee every day? Sometimes when you drink coffee, you will inevitably shake your hands and let your clothes or fabrics have coffee. The best way to remove coffee stains is to use bicarbonate and vinegar. You can use a cloth to wipe the coffee juice first and then rub it with bicarbonate repeatedly. Once you remove the basic coffee stains, you just have to wash your clothes and wash them.


Home cleaning coup 4, chewing gum

Sometimes you accidentally step on chewing gum or you accidentally fall into your clothes or carpet. The best way to clean it is to harden the chewing gum with ice. Once the chewing gum is hardened, it can be easily removed. Another method is to use heat, you can put the baking paper on the stain, and then burn it once with an iron, so that the chewing gum can adhere to the paper. Next you just need to clean your clothes!


Home Cleaning Coupon 5, tomato stains

Pasta with tomato bolognese is super delicious, and the taste you make is even more like! However, when cooking, it is very likely to be sprayed on tomato juice. The best way to remove tomato stains is to apply a mixture of detergent and hydrogen peroxide. You can reconcile them, spray it with a sprayer, wait about 15 minutes, and clean the surface with a cloth!


Home cleaning coup 6, oil stains

If the action is not fast enough, it is very difficult to eliminate the grease. The easiest way to deal with oil stains is to use baking soda, detergents, tissues, lemons and brushes. The method to remove stains is simple. Place the paper behind the stain to avoid the oil from penetrating the other side of the garment. Then you can apply the bicarbonate (or salt) to the stain and let it sit for an hour and a half. Once half an hour has passed, remove the baking soda powder and gently wipe the surface before applying a cleaner. Then smear it with lemon and then wash it.


Home cleaning coup 7, strawberry stains

Strawberries are a very popular fruit, but the stains from strawberry juice can also be a headache. To remove these stains easily, use detergent, water, and vinegar. Wash the contaminated clothes or cloth in the washing machine.

These are the home cleaning coups collected by Xiaobian. I hope to help you. If you also want to learn more about home knowledge, you can pay attention to this website decoration information channel.

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