Edge detection based on machine vision technology

Recently, food safety issues have become increasingly prominent, and related inspections and quarantines have also received much attention. Recently, the Liaoning Inspection and Quarantine Bureau adopted the “inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer” to identify the scientific research items of the heavy metal content of shellfish in the surrounding waters of Dalian, which has filled the domestic gap.

It is understood that the "ion mass spectrometry" studied in this project can measure nine kinds of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic in aquatic products, and has strong practicability. It evaluates the function of marine environment, quality control of shellfish products and fishery pollution accidents. The investigation is of great significance. At present, the testing technology has been successfully applied to the daily inspection and monitoring of import and export aquatic products of Liaoning Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. The annual inspection volume exceeds 2000 batches.

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