Acoustic tube mechanical expansion process technology

There are UOE molding methods, roll forming methods (CFE), CE molding, and the like for the production of acoustic measuring tubes. The last step to deal with most of the molding methods is to conduct a full-length diameter expansion of the tube after welding, in order to improve the sound quality of welded pipe. Expanding has become a tense process to ensure the quality of product pipes in the production of large-caliber sound pipe.
Diameter expansion is a pressure processing process that uses a hydraulic or mechanical method to force the sound tube to expand radially outwardly from the inner wall of the sound tube. The machine method is simpler and more obedient than the hydraulic method, setting up the equipment for deployment. Several large-diameter acoustic pipe bundles that have begun to enter the world have been accepted. The process is:
Expanding of the machine uses the segmented sector of the expander to expand radially, so that the length of the tube is deflected along the length in a step-by-step manner to achieve the plastic deformation of the entire length of the tube. Divided into 5 phases
1. Start round stage. The sector block is opened until all sector blocks are slammed into the inner wall of the sound tube. At this time, the radius of each point in the sound tube within the step length range is almost the same, and the sound tube is initially rounded.
2. The nominal inner diameter stage. The sector begins to move at a lower rate from the previous position until it reaches the desired position, which is the inner circumferential position of the product tube required for the quality.
3. Rehabilitation stage. Sector block in 2 stage position

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