Analysis of China's Hardware Industry Development

Core Tip: The 18th China International Hardware Expo was held in Guangzhou. The exhibition area of ​​47,500 square meters and 2,500 standard booths are also proof of the brilliant achievements of the hard work of the hardware people for 60 years. Great confidence in China's hardware industry.

Guangzhou's hardware industry has become more and more mature with the rapid development of Guangzhou's economy, not only in the industry category gradually improved and formed a large number of unique industrial bases, such as Zhongshan Siu Lam locks, Yangjiang knives, etc., plus the favorable geographical location of Guangzhou As well as convenient transportation, Guangzhou's hardware industry has a high market share both at home and abroad, and it is sold all over the world. With the emergence of “labor shortage”, “brand building” and “industrial upgrading”, the hardware industry in Guangzhou has encountered a bottleneck in development. The 18th China International Hardware Expo moved to Guangzhou and has promoted Guangzhou Hardware. The development of the industry, behind the promotion we have seen the country's attention and support for the hardware industry, which is also the most gratifying point for Xiaobian in the 18th China International Hardware Fair.

At the same time, Xiaobian, who has experienced the 18th China International Hardware Expo and the China North Hardware Fair, has his own opinions on the development of the hardware industry.

The road to national brand building takes a long way to go

The "Chinese mythology" created by the "Zoo Zu La" in the World Cup is delightful, but behind the joy we have the same frustration as the loss of men's football. The two-factory “Zhu zu” went to South Africa and sold for 60 US dollars. Chinese manufacturers are not winners in this category, and they only act as cheap labor. Imagine if you originally applied for a patent, you could at least maintain a quotation of 3 yuan each. Combining the number of product exports, the profit is not 100,000 but one million! It can also be seen that China’s hardware industry has been paying for the expensive tuition fees for the international brand concept.

We return to the domestic market. Whether it is hand tools giant giant star technology or hardware upstart Ai Weiboer, the domestic hardware companies have played a good brand battle, which also shows that China's domestic hardware companies have realized that the brand is important for their market competition Sex. When the local market has reached a certain stage of operation, the market scope and marketing groups are basically stereotyped. If you want to further increase the market share and sales performance, you will undoubtedly only make more use of branding to achieve the goal.

What is gratifying is that at the 18th China International Hardware Fair we saw the active participation of several domestic hardware brands, which also shows that China's hardware companies are increasingly attaching importance to national brand building. Now that the aftermath of the financial crisis has not been dispersed, the pressure of *** appreciation and the ever-changing hardware market, how to seize more market share in the fierce competition? This is a problem that many hardware companies need to consider. In the future, China's hardware companies will have a long way to go to improve their brand image and expand market share.

Quality issues sag management vulnerabilities

Xingke Hardware Network has repeatedly made reports on inferior hardware products produced by some hardware companies. Disappointing product quality incidents are hampered by loopholes in the management of hardware companies. The state has stressed several times that the production of enterprises must be developed with “good words and good and fast”. The “good” among them is undoubtedly to emphasize the quality of products. A good product comes from scientific management, excellent quality and perfect service.

Under the fierce market competition, there have been many unfavorable competitions in the hardware industry. On the surface, it seems that they are holding high the banner of innovation. However, the lack of real development in the hardware industry has been lacking. There is no shortage of so-called “sheltering” to reduce costs. The manufacturers with price advantages will continue to suffer such vicious competition. If they are small, they will damage the image of the company, protect the safety of customers' lives and property, and say that this competition will destroy the sweat of several generations of hardware people. ! In Xingke Hardware Network's view, a person's work and life need to have a long-term plan, and should not only look at the immediate future, do not look at the long-term, otherwise it is easy to "short-sighted", which also limits the room for growth. Similarly, for a company, it is also necessary to make a strategic plan. In order to gain profits on a one-off basis, not focusing on quality and branding will surely go into development.

When we learned about some of the hardware companies participating in the 18th China International Hardware Fair, it is not difficult to see that these companies are particularly concerned about the quality of the products, and even played the slogan of "keep up with the quality as the cornerstone, and continue to write brand brilliance." The biggest point of these companies is to strengthen the management of new product development processes, supplier quality management, and focus on the management of operational standards, and pay close attention to quality. Today's brilliant achievements are also the best interpretation of the natural conditions.

Hardware corporate marketing e-commerce and show into the mainstream

In the high-speed development of the Internet today, exhibition marketing still stands, which has its essence. Enterprise manufacturers have come a long way, and their ambition is not just a small booth. They also hope to show their brands and get more channels through the exhibition. Compared with the booths of some large manufacturers in Menoru City, some relatively small manufacturers' booths will appear deserted, and their participation in the exhibition will be difficult to show. If this continues, the development of smaller companies and brands will be limited. This requires a "weight" to balance the gap between companies of different sizes, and this weight is the B2B e-commerce website.

With the development of the Internet, more and more B2B e-commerce websites are springing up in people's Internet life. This is inevitably a bit muddy, but it is not difficult to see the vertical B2B e-commerce in the future development of hardware companies. The website will play an increasingly important role. The offline marketing was moved online to achieve the effect of up and down. This is also a development trend of marketing. It is not difficult to see the extent of merchants' dependence on the exhibition from the previous understanding, and B2B's e-commerce website can create a “never-ending expo” for these merchants, just like the expo. A variety of booths, regardless of the size of the company, just pay a small fee will have a prominent corporate culture, display the value of the online "stands", which also very well resolved the offline exhibition exhibitors scale differences The drawbacks.

What's more important is that we understand the relationship between the show and the e-commerce website. This is another way to promote the future development of hardware companies.

Every time a short exhibition brings economic benefits to display brands, it will bring us deep thinking, thinking about the development of China's hardware industry, and thinking about the future of China's hardware industry. Perhaps everyone's understanding of the show will be different, but I believe that for every Chinese hardware people have the same belief that is to make China's hardware into the mainstream of the world!