Analysis of Present Situation of Mining Hard Hats - Can Only Protect the Head

The mine environment is very complex. The depth of the mine ranged from tens of meters to a few thousand meters. The thick rock strata above it. Despite the support of underground support, it is still difficult to ensure absolute safety. Roof disasters are also one of the common disasters in mines.

The head is the most critical part of the human body, so head protection is essential in almost every dangerous situation.

The main function of the helmet is to protect the head from the impact from above and to ease the impact. Its protection principle is: forming a certain gap between the cap and the top of the head, this gap will play a certain buffer to the impact from the upper part. At the same time, the spherical glossy cap can redirect the falling objects from above to avoid impact on the head.

On the other hand, downhole safety comes not only from the threat above the head, but mine gas is also a hazard. The content of harmful gases in the underground air is large, and at the same time it is doped with ore dust. Breathing this air for a long time will cause great harm to the human body. "Scoutosis" is an occupational disease commonly found among miners. It is caused by mine gas that has been mined by miners for a long time.

Considering both of the above considerations, the helmet can only protect the head from impact damage and will not provide any protection against harmful gases in the mine.

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