Sichuan and the United Kingdom carry out technical docking in areas such as superhard materials

In order to promote international exchanges and cooperation and scientific and technological innovation activities between Sichuan Province and British scientific research institutions, universities and technology enterprises, and promote the joint research and development and two-way technology transfer between the two parties in the field of new materials, as a supporting activity of the “China-EU Innovation and Cooperation Conference”, On October 21, 2013, the “Sino-British New Materials Technology Matchmaking Meeting” hosted by the Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province, the UK Science and Innovation Work Network, the Sichuan Science and Technology Exchange Center, the Chengdu International Technology Transfer Center and the China-UK Science and Technology Innovation Program Office. Held in Chengdu. More than 80 representatives from Cardiff University, University of London Queen Mary, GTW Development Group, Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology and other Chinese and British universities, enterprises and provincial and municipal (state) science and technology management departments attended the meeting.

Meng Aiguo, deputy inspector of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, introduced the development of the new material industry in Sichuan Province to the Chinese and British experts and entrepreneurs who attended the meeting. In recent years, the new material industry in our province has developed vigorously, and a new material industry in the six fields of vanadium and titanium materials, silicon lithium materials, chemical materials, rare earth materials, superhard materials and biomedical materials has been formed. Ms. Chai Manyi, the office of Sino-British Science and Technology Innovation Program, introduced the development of new materials research and industry in the UK and expressed her expectation that the Chinese and British sides will develop long-term mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation in the field of new materials.

At the meeting, Professor Robert Hill of Queen Mary College, University of London, Dr. Lars Beex of Cardiff University, Mr. Graham Waters of GTW Development Group, Professor Gu Zhongwei of Sichuan University, Professor Chen Zexiang of University of Electronic Science and Technology, and other representatives of 12 universities and enterprises conducted Project introduction, involving biological materials, electro-optical materials, semiconductors, nano-materials and fiber-optic communications. In the one-on-one project docking negotiation after the conference, Cranfield University introduced lithium battery and transparent silver material lamination technology, and the printing technology on the fabric fiber brought by Smart Fabric Inks attracted wide attention. Portsmouth University and Xihua University have reached a preliminary intention to conduct cooperative research.

The meeting achieved its intended purpose and achieved a complete success.

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