Double "11" makes the floor industry bustling

Double "11" makes the floor industry bustling After the "Double 11" was initiated by the Internet and became hot, not only did E-Commerce's original products sell well on this day, but many home-based companies also joined the promotion force. On the day of “Double 11” in 2012, Quanyue’s home sales exceeded 100 million yuan, and companies such as Qumei, Gujia, and Huari who participated in this activity also performed well. This year's "Double 11", these companies have also expressed that they will launch related online activities.

"Double 11" is an important time node for floor e-commerce, and it can benefit from consumers to enterprises and from manufacturers to distributors. This day is more like a nation-wide group purchase. The amount of its release will even be far greater than the so-called "golden three silver four" or "golden nine silver ten." According to a floor industry insider, the combination of online and offline is an inevitable trend for floor products. In the future, online shopping malls will definitely cooperate with physical stores to complete sales.

Flooring products are more experiential consumption, and the biggest stimulus point of "Double 11" is still price. In recent years, "Double 11" has gradually evolved into a mature commercial season, and both the business model and the commercial scope have been upgraded year by year and their influence has covered the whole country. It can be said that "Double 11" has become the market share for all floor businesses. Occupy the time for consumers to compete.

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