Shenzhen port furniture exports reached 7.39 billion US dollars, which was stable compared with last year.

The reporter learned from Shenzhen Customs this afternoon that since the beginning of this year, Shenzhen Port furniture exports have shown steady growth. According to statistics, in the first 11 months, Shenzhen Port furniture exports reached 7.39 billion US dollars, an increase of 9.9% over the same period last year (the same below). It is understood that in the furniture export market, the proportion of exports from the traditional markets of the United States and the European Union has decreased, and exports to ASEAN have maintained strong growth. In the first 11 months, Shenzhen Port exported US$2.08 billion and US$1.46 billion to US$1.46 billion, down 12.6% and 0.2% respectively, accounting for 47.9% of the total value of port furniture exports during the same period, down from 9.2% in the same period last year. During the same period, exports of furniture to ASEAN reached US$1.42 billion, a surge of 3.3 times. In addition, exports to Hong Kong were 290 million US dollars, an increase of 16.8%. According to reports, Shenzhen port furniture exports dominated by general trade, and the proportion of processing trade exports has shrunk. In the first 11 months, Shenzhen Port exported 5.63 billion US dollars of furniture by general trade, up 22.8%, accounting for 76.2% of the total value of furniture exports during the same period; exporting by way of processing trade was 1.61 billion US dollars, down 18%. Statistics show that private enterprises have become the main exporters of Shenzhen ports, while the export of foreign-invested enterprises has declined significantly. In the first 11 months, Shenzhen Port private enterprises exported 3.95 billion US dollars of furniture, an increase of 21.5%, an increase of 11.6 percentage points higher than the overall level, accounting for 53.5%; foreign-invested enterprises exported 2.47 billion US dollars, down 7.9%. In addition, state-owned enterprises exported 960 million US dollars, an increase of 22.5%. It is noteworthy that although Shenzhen's furniture exports have shown steady growth this year, in October and November, there has been a month-on-month decline in two consecutive months. Since July this year, the monthly export of Shenzhen port furniture has been increasing for three consecutive months, but the monthly export in October showed a negative growth of 1.5%. In November, the export was 9.7 billion US dollars. Although it reached the peak of the year, it fell by 4.7%. . Industry experts pointed out that the recent international economic situation has improved, but it is still unstable. The consumption expenditures of major economies such as Europe and the United States are still low. The trade protectionism for furniture products has not weakened with the economic recovery. Furniture exports still face many obstacles. In November, Shenzhen port furniture exports fell for the second consecutive month, indicating that the overall level of industry exports is still at a low level. It will take time for the furniture industry to go out of the downturn and fully recover.

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