How does Chongqing Mumen seek entry points in stimulants and tranquilizers?

In the past three years, the establishment of Chongqing Wooden Door Industry Association, the selection of Chongqing Mumen Top Ten Enterprises, the Chongqing Mumen Most Powerful Brand and Top Ten Strength Brands, the First China (Chongqing) Wooden Door Industry Summit Forum, and the China Set Door Capital Award In addition, the Chongqing wooden door industry has injected a lot of "stimulants". In addition to "excitement", we have to face the reality, find problems, find gaps, find countermeasures, and face many problems faced by Chongqing wooden doors. At the same time of "pour cold water", I had to visit a number of people in the industry to seek "sedation agents" and put forward my own views. I. Solving the problem of land use in the wooden gate industrial park as soon as possible In the past two years, many wooden door enterprises in Chongqing have successively inspected the districts of Banan, Minjiang, Lushan, Tongliang, Yongchuan and Changshou in Chongqing, seeking the Mumen Industrial Park for centralized production. Ways to establish a wooden door production base. It is understood that most wooden door enterprises in Chongqing are mainly renting land to build factories and renting factories. They lack overall layout and overall planning. Although there are about 350 companies, the scale of each enterprise is different, and it is distributed in various districts and counties, which has caused government management and industry management. Great difficulty, as the company itself, many factory designs are not standard, resulting in inconvenient process technology in the production process to regulate management and implementation. Insiders analyzed: Chongqing is a heavy industrial production base. High-tech, machinery and chemical, automobile, motorcycle and so on are pillar industries. The industrial parks are built in the environment of mountainous terrain. The construction cost of roads, bridges, tunnels, flats and pipe networks is naturally higher than that. The plains area is much higher. The government chooses industries in the main city industrial parks. Of course, it is necessary to select industries with a certain amount of taxation and output value to avoid waste of state-owned land. Therefore, as a wooden door industry, it has become a very embarrassing situation. When entering the main city industrial park, the government does not have this plan because the wooden door industry is a labor-intensive industry and the added value is too low. If the wooden door industrial park is established in the more distant districts of Chongqing, it is difficult to keep up with the transportation logistics and related facilities. In this regard, Chongqing Mumen Industry Association is organizing enterprises, and negotiating with the responsible persons of district and county parks to establish a production base of China's door-to-door capital, and ending the status quo of their own administration and decentralization as soon as possible. Second, as soon as possible to solve the problem of liquidity of small and medium-sized enterprises in Chongqing, many wooden door enterprises in Chongqing after the Spring Festival this year, orders soared, unprecedented production, some companies in March this year after participating in the Beijing Expo, the output is soaring, attracting national distribution Before the business came to order, Chongqing wooden door products became a production state in short supply. However, many small and medium-sized enterprises usually do not have much contact with the government and banks. When there is an urgent need for working capital in factories, equipment, raw and auxiliary materials, the financing channels have become difficult, the development speed of enterprises has slowed down, and the development of certain capabilities has been recruited. Management and sales of talents require funds, and the company needs funds for the overall packaging, brand promotion, and national exhibitions. According to industry insiders: As a wooden door manufacturer, it is now a good development trend. The industry has formed a law. More dealers will not owe money to wooden door manufacturers, and the wood door industry will be determined in an order-based manner. The sales have been fixed, and the “triangular debt” encountered by other industries has been completely avoided. However, once the liquidity is not smooth, it will be difficult to become bigger and stronger. Plants, equipment, technology, talents, brands, etc. cannot be separated from funds. Promote, therefore, open up financing channels as soon as possible, solve the communication bridge with the government and banks for Chongqing small and medium-sized wooden door manufacturing enterprises, reach a consensus between the two sides, and become the second problem of Chongqing wooden door industry, because most wooden door production enterprises are still in the original development. At the stage, it is eager to get the attention of all levels of government and banks to solve the actual problems of enterprises through the appeal of industry associations. Third, as soon as possible to solve the problem of Chongqing wooden door industry brand improvement difficult two years, Chongqing Wood Door Industry Association selected Chongqing Mumen "ten best enterprises", "most powerful brands", "top ten strength brands", stars and beautiful home many times It was rated as “Top 30 Chinese Wooden Doors” by the Wood Door Professional Committee of China Timber Distribution Association. Chongqing Mumen Industry Association was awarded the title of “National Best Local Association” twice. On March 18 this year, Chongqing was awarded “China by China Timber Distribution Association”. The door of the door is "honored." However, many companies still need the whole series of packaging and building, such as: some corporate brand trademarks (R) are not registered, some corporate showrooms lack design, some corporate website pages, product information lacks content, and some companies are very professional media. Do less publicity or not publicity. According to the industry's understanding of the proportion of national wooden door brand advertising, Chongqing has the least advertising promotion in comparison with Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Northeast and Sichuan. In the minds of dealers nationwide, the biggest advantage of Chongqing Mumen is the price. The middle and low-end products have won the greatest competitiveness for “Chongqing Made”. Compared with Zhejiang Steel Door and Paint-free Door, Zhejiang’s advertising awareness To be much stronger, the advertising of Zhejiang indoor suit doors on TV, print media, websites and exhibitions has been surging a wave, which is worth learning from Chongqing counterparts. Some industry experts pointed out that in the case of Chongqing Mumen in the case of too homogenization, a number of brands with strength, quality and characteristics will emerge in a few years, expanding the national influence and solving the third major problem of Chongqing Mumen. Chongqing has several advantages in the development of Chongqing wooden door (kit door) industry: Chongqing is the largest industrial city in the west and has a strong industrial base. Chongqing has two leading enterprises, namely Star and Maxim, and has a national influence. Chongqing It has preferential policies such as municipality, Three Gorges immigrants, urban and rural planning, western development, and industrial retreat. As the first local wooden door industry association established in China, Chongqing Wooden Door Industry Association has established a good cooperative relationship with the Chongqing government functional departments, building materials market and news media through more than two years of operation. The author believes that under the joint efforts of the association, the government and enterprises, these existing problems will be solved, so that Chongqing Mumen will increase the development of high-end products in the production mode with medium and low-end products as the mainstream. After the products were more abundant, the “Chongqing Made” upgrade was upgraded.

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