Each Yang Yongzheng: positioning high-end to create famous furniture direct sales Mall

Chongqing Meijia Building Materials Home Plaza covers an area of ​​360 acres and has the largest and most complete warehousing and logistics distribution center in Chongqing with a total storage capacity of 150,000 square meters. It is a key construction project of the Jiulongpo District Government. Each building and home furnishing plaza promotes the development process of modernization, scale, tidying and building materials and home furnishing logistics in the western provinces and cities, and establishes a new industry benchmark in the building materials industry with professional management and caring services.

On March 17th, each building and home furnishing plaza in the United States held a promotion conference for the “Most Famous Furniture Direct Mall” project at the Houjie Furniture Fair in Dongguan. The reporters at the recommendation meeting interviewed Yang Yongzheng, general manager of each building and home furnishing plaza in the United States. The following is an interview record.

[Time]: March 17

[Location]: Dongguan Furniture Fair

[Guest]: Yang Yongzheng, General Manager of each building materials and home plaza in the United States

[Moderator]: Yang Yongzheng, General Manager of each building and home plaza of Li Yangjingmei

[Moderator]: Hello, Mr. Yang, thank you very much for accepting

Interview, first of all, please tell us about the development of each of our beauty.

[Yang Yongzheng]: Each of our US projects was established in Chongqing in 2009 and opened on April 16, 2011. It covers a total area of ​​660 acres, and the total construction area of ​​warehouse logistics and stores is 600,000 square meters. biggest.

"The competition in the home market is fierce. We are taking the wrong position."

[Moderator]: Actually, I also learned that in the past two years, it has been said that the giants of the home market are expanding at an increasing pace. Large stores such as Reality, Red Star Macalline and so on are also expanding to varying degrees. It can be said that the competition is a competition. More and more intense. What is our core competitiveness relative to these stores?

[Yang Yongzheng]: First of all, because the competition in the store is very fierce, we are misplaced. Because like Red Star, actually these stores, they are the terminal, retail road. Our positioning is the headquarters of the construction home in Chongqing, and is also the general agent. The flagship display, engineering, and secondary dealers of the total distribution are developing with their misplaced business. They only retail, I am comprehensive, have, Everything is there, misplaced.

"In 3 to 5 years, every family in the United States has to open 6-8 stores."

[Moderator]: We are a comprehensive store. Now all the major home stores have begun to expand. I don’t know if each of us has plans to expand.

[Yang Yongzheng]: We are three to five years. If we expand, we will do six to eight stores. The headquarters base has five, the first one is Chongqing Meijia, the second is Shijiazhuang Meijia, and has already been established.

[Moderator]: In three to five years, we have to complete six to eight. How do you plan in the near future? What are the geographical distributions of these six to eight stores?

[Yang Yongzheng]: Mainly in the western region.

[Moderator]: Why do you focus on the western region, because many stores first go north to the first-tier cities in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and we are going to the southwest region.

[Yang Yongzheng]: First, the southwest, then the northwest.

Expanding eyes in the western region

[Moderator]: Why are we such a development strategy?

[Yang Yongzheng]: As the western region grows with the national economy, the southeastern coast, including the north and the north and the deep, is saturated. The western region is our current national economic growth pole, and the growth is the largest. Including the 12th Five-Year State, the 7% growth rate is mainly in the west, the development prospects in the west are very impressive, and the consumption potential is also very huge, so we invest in this way.

Positioning high-end to create beauty, each famous furniture direct sales Mall

[Moderator]: I just said that the development is mainly going to the northwest. I also said that the second headquarters base was built in Shijiazhuang. I think we are attracting investment at the Dongguan exhibition. Let us briefly talk about the investment situation. any request?

[Yang Yongzheng]: If we invite investment, the investment in the early stage building materials has been completed. We have sold a total of 400,000 square meters. The first phase of building materials has been completed from basic materials to these ordinary materials. It has been completed and opened on April 16 last year. of. Today, this is mainly furniture, famous furniture direct sales, mainly for the needs of western furniture, want to locate the high-end, so look for manufacturers in Guangdong to take direct sales, cut the intermediate links, reduce operating costs and profit margins, so that consumers get Affordable, to build a bridge between consumers and manufacturers.

[Moderator]: I understand that we are in China. We have a direct sales base in each of us. Direct connection between manufacturers and consumers does not require dealers, secondary dealers and other dealers.

[Yang Yongzheng]: Right.

[Moderator]: Which brands have been recruited at present?

[Yang Yongzheng]: At present, like Gujia Craft, left and right sofas, Chivas, Dafuhao, these include Wei'an, our Hong Kong family association, Dongguan famous home, and Shenzhen family association, we reached a cooperation intention, and their brand alliance formed a strategy with us. Cooperation, sign a strategic partnership contract tomorrow.

[Moderator]: First of all, congratulations to Mr. Yang, each store has a certain choice for the brand. Just mentioned that most of the US choose the middle and high-end brands. On the one hand, the store provides manufacturers with a channel to sell furniture. On the other hand, in fact, Should we shoulder the protection of consumer rights, what if we buy some furniture that may not meet the standards here?

[Yang Yongzheng]: According to laws and regulations, we have the contract law, the quality law, the price law, the consumer rights protection law, and the unfair competition law, which are stipulated by these laws and regulations. For the rigid requirements of quality price or after-sales service, through the form of contract with us, the business, and our operators, as an offer, it becomes the responsibility of both parties, effectively controlling the generation of such counterfeiting and inferiority. Fraudulent behavior.

[Moderator]: Let's filter the brand on the one hand is a big brand. In addition to asking for famous brands, what are the thresholds for these brands?

[Yang Yongzheng]: There are more thresholds, one is the quality of the product. If this quality is, for example, one is the national standard and the second is the enterprise standard. We are better at the enterprise standard because the enterprise standard must be higher than the national standard. Is the quality standard. The second test procedure is legal. When the third product comes in, we have to take random inspections, we sample the products, cooperate with the technical supervision bureau, irregular, unscheduled sampling, quality assurance, and then price, we have been in the industry for many years, for this price The reasonable space is also clear, so the price should be reasonable and the product should be cheap. The third is service. The service is pre-sale and after-sales service. The agreement signed with the merchant requires him to make some commitments. We also supervise him to ensure the interests of consumers.

[Moderator]: We are more perfect in this piece, and we also want to cooperate with the technical supervision department to go to various manufacturers for sampling.

[Yang Yongzheng]: Yes, in order to protect consumers, the first building materials store in Chongqing and the industrial and commercial department, and the Consumers Association, 12315 consumer platforms in the United States, the only one, is active, 12315 is consumption The complaint platform is in each of our US, to the operation and management of the investment station, the director of the Chongqing Industrial and Commercial Bureau said, how do you want this condition, only you, I volunteered, the 12315 platform is built in each of us, This is mainly to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

[Moderator]: On the one hand, it protects the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, on the other hand, it can also require brand self-discipline. Mr. Yang, I also mentioned that each of us opened in April last year. It is almost a year away from now. How is our sales in this year?

[Yang Yongzheng]: Our sales situation was opened to the statistics on March 1st. The cumulative sales volume in our market has reached 4.7 billion.

[Moderator]: This figure is actually quite good, especially in this market in 2011.

[Yang Yongzheng]: It should be said that we have just said that we are a dark horse in Chongqing, and the sales situation is not bad.

[Moderator]: Thank you very much Yang for accepting us.

In the interview, I wish you all the better and better development of each of us.

[Yang Yongzheng]: Thank you.

(Editor: JN106)

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