The consumption of rosewood furniture is younger, and Xuanming’s residence reminds buyers to be cautious

“I am particularly annoyed with the modern European furniture that looks like grandeur. I like Chinese traditional furniture. It looks very simple, special look, and special taste!” Beijing, which is declaring the selection of mahogany furniture in the Diabolo Art Museum The young guy in Tongzhou District said. He said that he is setting up a wedding room, and the family members are suggesting to buy European furniture. He is "independent" to make his home a "quaint" taste. He eventually added a square table, a dining chair, a set of 6 sofa sets and a bed made of red rosewood to his wedding room, as well as a rosewood ring chair and a Badashan chair. Ms. Wei, the senior manager of the Xuanming Dianhuangtan Art Museum, said that she found a phenomenon. In recent years, there have been many young people who frequented them. Most of them are after 80s. They have chosen to decorate their wedding rooms and choose mahogany furniture. She said that young people like mahogany furniture is a good thing, but young people are often inexperienced, and buying mahogany furniture is especially cautious and careful. She explained that the former fans of mahogany furniture are middle-aged people, and they have been studying the love of mahogany furniture for some years. The knowledge of mahogany furniture is relatively full, and they can distinguish between good and bad, and appreciate the appreciation, so they will not be faked. Blind, will not be deceived. Nowadays, young people have limited experience, so they have to be more cautious. Wei said that the number of young people buying mahogany furniture is about 30%, and they especially like Ming furniture. She explained, "This may be the reason for the improvement of Chinese young people's cultural level. There is also the fact that China is now rich and strong, the rise of big powers, and the return of culture." Wei said that there are many kinds of redwoods, so take the market. The more common wenge wood can be divided into Burmese chicken wing wood and African chicken wing wood from the origin, and the price difference between the two can reach 2/3. If the consumer "does not know how to do it", it is very difficult to separate the two kinds of chicken wings. According to national standards, there are 5 species, 3 genera, 8 species and 33 species of redwood. The prices of different varieties of redwood are completely different. The use of lower-value wood as a scarce log to create mahogany furniture is a common practice for some bad businesses. Finally, Mr. Wei finally proposed some suggestions for young consumers to buy mahogany. First, they must understand the price difference between different types of materials. Consumers should ask clearly what kind of tree species are in the category, and where they are produced. Look at the scene, see if the store is formal, whether the quotation system is complete, do not easily believe the so-called factory direct sales; third, on the bills provided by the merchants, according to the state regulations must specify the grade of the furniture to be sold, the type of materials, the origin of the raw materials.

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