Chinese mainland luxury customers are keen to go to the United States to produce a wide range of fire furniture industry

In recent years, Chinese mainland giants have gone to the United States to buy millions of dollars in the United States. It is not uncommon to drive the sales of Chinese furniture stores that have been in the doldrums of financial turmoil. The Chinese elements of mahogany furniture or European luxury palace furniture are quite popular in mainland China. Customers favor. Many homeowners said that the purchasing power of mainlanders is staggering. It is common to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a single card, and some people even buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of high-end furniture at a time. A case in the US furniture industry is rumored to be a case: a mainland Chinese businessman came to Los Angeles to buy three luxury homes at a price of 5 million yuan. The Hawker does not live in Los Angeles, still doing business in China, but buying furniture for his daughter in the local area is also very big. He buys three pieces of furniture for a luxury house at a time, and spends 500,000 yuan. The owner of the furniture store he visited was smiling and acquainted with the acquaintances. Mr. Kang, a 30-year-old furniture store owner in Ashi, said that in the past two years, he has clearly felt that mainland new immigrants have gone to the US home market. The three branches of the company have a large number of customers every day, most of them in the Arcadia, Diamond Bar, and Walnut City. Waiting for the purchase of a luxury home. These customers tend to buy extravagant European-style pieces of furniture, such as dining tables, sofas, cabinets, living combinations, etc., with a single average consumption of about 20,000 yuan, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a full set of luxury furniture combinations are also popular. Mr. Kang said that the store originally focused on mahogany furniture. Recently, many mainland new immigrants began to favor European furniture. Mr. Kang changed his marketing strategy and sold both European furniture. Mr. Cai, who owns several furniture stores in Southern California, said that once a mainland customer swiped 60,000 yuan at a time, facing the surprise of the clerk, he was calm and quick, and buying furniture was only a small expenditure, not surprising. Mr. Yang, who has been operating in the city centre of Alhambra for more than 30 years and specializes in mahogany furniture, said that the current mahogany furniture stores in the mainland are inconspicuous, and the price of mahogany furniture has soared. Many mainland new immigrants believe that the price of buying mahogany furniture in the United States is fair, so there are often new immigrants in the store. Mr. Yang said that before 2000, the shop's customers were mainly local and Chinese Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan old overseas Chinese. They advocated traditional culture and purchased mahogany furniture with the concept of passing on from generation to generation to protect their value. After 2000, new immigrants from the mainland appeared one after another in the customer base. In the past two years, there were no shortage of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of mainland tourists patronizing the store.

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