Home decoration, various styles, home decoration considerations

Our house decoration is designed in many styles, some styles are not seen by us, so we need to understand these styles, and then choose one that we like and that must conform to the house type, then the home What are the various styles of decoration? What are the precautions for home decoration? Let's introduce it to you by the small series of the decoration home network.


First, the home decoration a variety of styles

1. Minimalism pursues from simple to extreme. It is a design style with simple and clean senses, and the overall taste and thought are more elegant. The minimalist style is not suitable for small units, it does not reflect the beauty of the shape, and requires the stretching of a large space to pursue a simple beauty. The overall style is partial to business, simple in color, black and white ash, and wood color. Usually designers will be jokes as “sexually cool style”, but they are extremely popular among designers and entertainment industry, especially reflecting the personal taste of the homeowner. training.

2. Mediterranean style has the characteristics of tranquility, laziness, freedom, literature and so on. However, in this style of decoration, ocean colors such as white and blue are indispensable. At the same time, rounded doors are also very common. So it is very suitable for young people who like European and American style. However, it should be noted that this style of decoration is more suitable for large units.

3. European palaces pay attention to luxury temperament, European luxury style with lace, complex folds, European famous furniture to create a luxurious style, soft bed, craftsmanship of crystal lights, constitute a rich European style gorgeous bedroom. The curtains are mostly designed with a water-curved curtain, and the fabric is shiny and elegant in light gold and white.


Second, the main points of home decoration

1. The gate is the mouth of the money. If you enter the door, you will see a corridor or passage through to the end. The suffocating gas will enter the room directly. Not only will the negative energy spread, but the wealth will not be retained. The situation of losing money and breaking money. The solution method can set a screen at the entrance to form a barrier effect, allowing the airflow to swirl, which can make the blessing stretch.

2. You must first carefully understand the materials, do not blindly bargain, before you do home improvement, it is best to go to the building materials market, carefully understand the performance and price of various materials, and then make a decision, rather than blindly price with the home improvement company The price is cut too low, and the result can only be fake materials and inferior works.

3. Under normal circumstances, the owner will use a variety of types such as wood-based panels, composite panels or floor tiles, because the use of a single flooring material will lead to a certain type of harmful substances. For example, solid wood flooring is the most environmentally friendly, but there are paints that may cause benzene pollution, while composite flooring contains formaldehyde, which will lead to excessive formaldehyde. Therefore, in the problem of what to pay attention to at home decoration, the owners must not take the choice of floor tiles!

The decoration in the family is a relatively important part, but also has a style, then what are the various styles and points of decoration in the home, through the introduction of the above small series, we also understand these issues, if you still want to know more For more decorative information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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