5 tips for increasing corn production

In addition to the regular management, there are many "prescriptions" about corn yield increase. Which of the following five tips for increasing corn production is more practical and reliable? You can comment on it:

1. De-leafing When the corn seedlings grow to 5 leaves, all the plants above the first leaf are cut off with a blade, and the first leaf is also removed by hand. Because the growth point of the corn seedlings is still below the soil surface, the next day after the leaves are removed, the plants will grow new leaves. The corn after picking leaves is thicker, firmer, and less bald than the leaves without leaves, which can increase yield by 30%.

2. The tip of the fold is folded into a corner between the second and third leaves of the upper part of the plant without the knotted wire, but cannot be broken, four to five days after the fold. The knot is drawn, and the folded stem section is generally restored to its original state within two to four days. Through practice, this method can reduce the corn stalk rate from 15%-40% to 2%-5%, and the average yield is 15-25 kg.

3. The seedlings are seedlings before the corn tassels are differentiated from the corn seedlings before the jointing . The specific method is: under the condition that the bottom of the corn seedling period is better, adopting controlled irrigation, multiple cultivating, rooting and soil drying measures, promoting the development of roots to the deep, and controlling the upper part of the forest, so that the base of the corn seedlings is thick and strong, Conducive to drought resistance and lodging. The seedling index should grasp the corn convolution at noon on sunny days, the leaves are dark green, and the leaves resume to stretch in the afternoon or evening. The next morning, the leaves have water drops, but they can not be watered; if the leaves are not stretched from afternoon to next morning, the tips Also water-free beads, that is, the seedlings should be finished, the soil moisture should be controlled at more than 50% of the field water holding capacity.

After the seedlings of the corn plants, the stems are thick and strong, the roots are deep, the soil is deep, the growth is rapid after jointing, the internodes are thick and short, the aerial roots are more, the ears appear earlier, the ears are larger and the ears are lower, the bald tips are less, and the grains are more ,High Yield.

However, the corn seedlings should be adapted to the local conditions, the seedling time is short, and the seedlings can not be used; the seedlings are too long, the water control is serious, and the seedlings are aging, which will also cause adverse consequences. Should master the small and old, strong (high ability of the ground) is not thin (the mantle is thin), black (miao color green), not yellow (miao color yellow), phlegm (墒足) not 蹲Dry (squatting), etc., in order to receive good results.

4, Goxiong has not yet loosened the powder in the corn tassel , and manually removes the tassels of some plants by a certain ratio. Corn emasculation is a simple and easy way to increase production. After emasculation, the nutrient consumption of the plants is reduced, and the nutrients for the tassel flowering are transferred to the ears, and the corn mash is also treated.

The specific method is: every morning when the corn enters the beginning of the tassel, the tassels that have just been withdrawn are removed. The proportion of emasculation can be deinterlaced, or 2 rows per line, or the same row can be used to emasculate. No matter what proportion is used, the number of whole plants is no more than 30%-50%, near the ground. A few lines should not go to the male, so as not to affect pollination.

5, artificial pollination pollination of corn to meet the top of the ear out fertilization filaments of late, to overcome the negative factors, reducing the bald, short grain, to achieve large grain plump. The increase in production is between 8% and 10%.

The specific method is: when the corn is flowering and silking, at 9:11 in the morning, use a long rope to pull the two people to carry out pollination, or to make a t-square frame, walk in the field to touch the tassel, make it loose powder, and ensure Late flowering pollination. It can be carried out once every other day, and can be carried out three to four times a day in the late flowering stage to meet the requirements of pollination. Removing the empty plants in the field after tasseling and flowering can increase the light intensity, reduce the consumption of sulcus, water and nutrients, and increase the grain weight.

(Source: Farmers' Agricultural Technology)

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