Why should the aluminum buckle plate be installed with steel keel?

[china aluminum industry network] At present the brand that integrates the ceiling, some uses the wooden keel installation method, but Rong Sheng integrated ceiling but uses the steel keel installation method, then, why should install the steel keel? The reason is very simple - because the wood will be deformed by the influence of temperature and humidity, (look at the wood flooring, doors and other wood products in your home, in the summer, wet weather and the degree of deformation of the dry weather in winter, everyone I know that, in this way, for a long time, there are large deformations and small differences between various woods. The result is that the ceiling is unevenly deformed. On the contrary, the light steel keel is used for installation because of all the materials above the ceiling. All of them are light steel metal, which greatly reduces the deformation. Therefore, the installation method of the light steel keel adopted by Rongsheng integrated ceiling is preferable.

Usually the project must be installed with light steel keel, home improvement because of the short distance, so many decoration companies to take the approach is to install the wood, because the wood is simple to install and construction, while the cost of accessories is very cheap, a bundle of wood but a few dollars Money, the entire room is enough, the cost of accessories is almost zero. The light steel keel accessories cost is generally around 10 yuan per square meter, including 38 keel, metal boom and other accessories.

Some building materials distributors have proposed an installation fee of 15 yuan per square meter for the purpose of attracting consumers to purchase. In fact, most of them are wooden keel. You think you have taken advantage of the fact that you have suffered a major loss. In fact, you have suffered major losses. Keel installation costs about: 20 yuan per square meter, decoration companies offer more than 50 yuan, if someone quotes you 15 yuan per square meter, I suggest that you should be careful, you think about yourself, which businessman is not In order to make money, no one will lose money and earn money. He can do it at such a low price, or it can be a rough process. He would have finished one day. He ends the fight in two hours, or he has blackened you in other places, such as stealing money. Give you fakes, etc. Therefore, I strongly recommend that friends who want to decorate must not be greedy for a big deal and suffer a big loss. What to think about is why people are so cheap.

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