We live in a world where temperature is rising

We live in a world where temperature is rising. We live in a world where temperatures are rising. Sea levels rise, ice and snow melt, ocean temperatures rise, and extreme weather phenomena such as the melting of the Arctic Ocean and Greenland's glaciers have broken or nearly broken records. In 2012, it was among the hottest decade of record. A new study in the United States shows that the world is still under the threat of climate change in 2012.
The most noteworthy introduction by Dongguan environmental experts is “some important changes in major climate indicators”, including the dramatic increase in ocean temperatures, the melting of a record of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean this summer, and the melting of snow and ice in most parts of Greenland last year. The data also shows that the height of sea level rise has also broken records. According to NBC, one of the editors of the report, Deke Arndt, director of data center climate observations, said the most noteworthy and shocking change occurred in the Arctic. Jackie Richter-Menge, from the Cold Army Research and Engineering Laboratory of the US Army Corps of Engineers, said the data in the Arctic Ocean was so documented that it was so common that they were used to it. Together, these phenomena illustrate a problem: the climate has continued to change over the past decade. But if you look at it separately, it's not that simple. He said that although the surface temperature has not risen in the past decade, there are factors in the natural cycle. If you look at the more scientifically convincing 30, 50 or even 100 years of data, the temperature has risen a lot. According to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the ten hottest years have occurred in the past 15 years since the record was recorded in 1880.

According to the report, according to different independent analysis systems, 2012 ranked eighth or ninth in the hottest year. Last year, it was warmer than any other year except the 1998 El Niño influence in the last century. 2010 is currently considered to be the hottest year on record. Alente said that in general, these climate indicators "are all about the same thing, that is, we live in a world where temperature is rising." He said: "Some indicators take years to see growth. The system tells us that change is happening in more than one place." Although the report did not point out the cause of global warming, Alente believes that burning fossil fuel greenhouses Gas is the culprit.

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