How to choose a lead-free faucet?

The influence of the lead lead exceeding the standard has not been scattered yet. As the first portal of the sanitary industry, we also made relevant topics to analyze the lead exceeding the standard. However, consumers are not distracted, so they have to wait and see, in order to make consumers feel at ease, this small series will focus on how to choose the faucet from the perspective of purchase and maintenance.

Part1: The most important thing about health is the quality of the faucet.

We use water every day. The health of the water affects the health of the family, and the faucet is closely linked to the water. For safety and health, we should purchase a reliable, water-saving and durable faucet during home renovation.

First, look for the brand is guaranteed

Consumers should go to the formal market when buying faucets and buy well-known brands so that they can choose products that are safe. The use of faucets is about family health and must not be cheap. There should be brand identification, quality assurance and after-sales service instructions in the regular faucet packaging box. Remind everyone to buy is to be cautious, in order to ensure that the lead content does not exceed the standard, try to choose stainless steel faucet.

Second, observe the surface coating

In order to prevent the faucet from being oxidized, the faucet will be coated with a layer of nickel or chrome on its surface. The nickel or chrome has the function of resisting neutral hydrochloric acid, protecting the faucet from corrosion for a long time. When purchasing, look at the place with sufficient light. There are no oxidized spots on the surface of the faucet, no pores, no leakage plating and bubbles, and burn marks. The color is uniform and there is no burr and sand.

Third, pay attention to internal structure and material

The instructions should be read at the time of purchase to understand the internal structure of the faucet. Ceramic faucet faucets are recommended. These core valves are made of high-resistance ceramics. Even with 60 psi of water pressure, they are free to switch and prevent leakage. For gaskets, the recommended 矽 washers can withstand hot and cold water pressure without leakage.

Fourth, check the faucet switch structure

Finally, check the design rationality of the product. First move a few switches to see if the parts are tight and tight. When twisting the switch, the hand feels soft as well. If the hand feels uncomfortable or fluffy, it means that the assembly structure is unreasonable. Such a faucet may have insufficient water supply when it is used, or water leakage may occur when the water pressure is increased.

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