Suzhou University researches and develops super 18% efficient polycrystalline black silicon solar cell technology

How to reduce the production cost of solar cells and increase the efficiency of power generation so that it can be widely used in real life? The "super 18% efficient polycrystalline black silicon solar cell technology" developed by the graduate student Han Changan of Soochow University can be solved This problem. This new technology was also spotlighted at the 2013 China Photovoltaic Conference which ended recently. Yesterday, at the University of the Soviet Union, the reporter had a close contact with this technology.

In the past, the battery efficiency was generally around 17% to 17.5%. It is difficult to increase the efficiency by 0.1% on the basis of the original technology. The technology developed by Han Changan's team can increase the efficiency of the original silicon solar cell by 0.3%-0.7%, and has already developed a polycrystalline black silicon solar cell with an efficiency of more than 18%. This technique was proposed by Prof. Su Xiaodong, the mentor of Han Chang'an. Under the guidance of the mentor, he and the other three students of the team completed more than one year.

Black silicon solar cells have low costs and high production efficiency. They are currently in production in Suzhou, and some products are very popular in Japan.

Black silicon technology

It is understood that the Han Changan team has generated many nanometer-sized holes on the original micro-structure of the battery through a cheaper chemical etching method. The reflectivity is reduced, the utilization of sunlight is improved, and the power generation efficiency of the battery is also improved. . With this technology, the reflectivity of silicon solar cells has decreased from 15% to about 5%. Due to the extremely low reflectance, the appearance of the battery is black, so the name "black silicon", the technology is also known as "black silicon technology."

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