Analysis of tap wear during aluminum alloy processing

1. Spiral tapping: For the tapping operation of the cutting material without the through hole, the spiral wire tapping will exert its unique cutting effect, and the highest thread can be cut quickly and smoothly for you. The spiral tapping is different from the general hand tapping. The ordinary hand uses the wire tapping groove to form a straight line, and the spiral wire is tapped into a spiral type. When the spiral wire tapping is tapping, the spiral groove can be easily rotated to remove the iron filings. In order to prevent the iron filings from remaining or being stuck in the grooves, the broken taper of the spiral cone is cracked, so that the life of the wire tapping can be increased and the highest precision thread can be cut. The spiral tapping is suitable for cutting high toughness materials without Suitable for cast iron, etc. Chips are finely divided (N--SP/HC-SP/N+SP, S-SP)

2. The apex tapping: For the tapping operation of the through hole, the apex tapping will exert its unique cutting effect and quickly cut the highest thread for you. The apex tapping is mainly used for various through hole materials. The thread is cut, the apex tap has the same linear groove as the general hand tap, but there is a specially designed spiral groove at the front end of the cutting part, so that the rotary push cutting is discharged from the bottom of the hole, due to the tip wire The tapping function has the function of rotating the chip to remove the chip, in addition to keeping the groove clean to reduce the resistance during cutting, and avoiding the damage of the wire tapping caused by the cutting blockage, the tip wire tapping can be used more than the general hand tapping. Fast cutting speed for cutting high precision threads (N-PO/HC-PO/N+PO, S-PO)

3. No iron filings: The non-ditch tapping is a plastic forming method. The grinding in the lower hole causes the material to be bulged to form a thread, so that no chips are generated and the chip is not damaged due to problems such as chipping. Thread or wire tapping, grooveless tapping is most suitable for material processing with plasticity, such as aluminum, copper, zinc, flavonoids in low carbon steel, non-groove wire tapping, standard type N-RS (under M6) ) (pointed), N-RZ (M8 or more) (flat head), N-RS, N-RZ are according to ISO specifications, their teeth are short, suitable for tapping of shallow holes, and the cutting part of the grooveless tap has Four teeth are used in two kinds of teeth. When using a grooveless tap, the size of the lower hole must be selected according to the accuracy requirements, so that high precision and high quality thread can be molded.

4. Special taps for pipes: Wire tapping for cast iron pipes is specially designed to specifically tap the tapping of cast iron. It has a unique design not only in the heat treatment of steel, the angle of cutting angle, etc., but also has IN on the surface. Treatment to enhance its wear resistance, cast iron pipe with tapping PF, PS and PT, etc.

one. Each screw attack features:

1. The threaded part is suitable for design, which can reduce the burden of tapping during tapping and increase the life of wire tapping.

2. The precision of the overall configuration of the screw tapping is more suitable for precision machining in high speed machining.

3. The transformation of the screw attack type (I 2 Type -I 3Type)

two. Overall performance analysis

1. According to the actual cutting test results, the life of the performance-enhanced screw tap is about 30% higher than that of the general standard.

2. Improvement of various factors of the performance-enhanced screw attack, and it is effective for improving the precision of the wire tapping.

3. YAMAWA's N+ series tapping, the high precision of the overall configuration shape and size, the accuracy of the internal thread processing is improved, and it is more in line with the current trend of high-speed machining.

Can use some aluminum alloy special tapping oil, the effect will be better

Mainly aluminum or cast aluminum alloy products have strong plasticity, good adhesion, easy to produce sticky knife during cutting, poor cutting. The emulsion with good lubrication effect is used to adjust the front angle of the tap when customizing the tap. Generally, it is selected at 16~20 degrees, which can improve the service life of the tap without increasing the cost.

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Label: Tap wear during aluminum alloy processing

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