Lithium-sulfur battery technology gets 5-8 times more power than lithium battery

Lithium-sulfur battery technology progressed 5-8 times that of lithium battery

Lithium batteries have become a necessity in everyday life. Each person's mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and wearable devices have built-in lithium batteries. With current technology, it seems that lithium batteries have reached a technical bottleneck, and it is difficult to go a step further. However, the papers of NanoLetters, a well-known foreign academic journal, show that lithium-sulfur batteries have made important progress recently and will have 5-8 times the power of conventional lithium batteries.

Lithium-sulfur battery researchers replaced metal oxides in batteries with lighter sulphide materials, which would further increase battery storage capacity. In fact, in a recent test, scientists from China, Xiao Xingcheng, Zhou Weidong, Cai Mei, and other researchers have successfully developed a stable lithium-sulfur battery that has been used for 600 times. During the charge cycle, the storage capacity per gram reached 630 milliampere hours, while the conventional lithium battery has only 200 milliamperes per gram of storage capacity.

This result also shows that science and has been able to overcome the original lithium-sulfur battery power problem. Previously, lithium-sulfur batteries had increased their storage capacity, but the rate of power loss was too rapid, which was of little practical significance. If this technology can be promoted on mobile devices, with a current lithium battery weight of about 15 grams at 3200 mAh, lithium-sulfur batteries will have a capacity of nearly 9500 mAh, which is very exciting.

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