Intelligent microwave aldehyde cabinetry environmental protection production new technology

On October 9, Zhongshan Leyijia Home Furnishing Equipment Co., Ltd. held the "Intelligent Technology, Leading the Future" intelligent microwave formaldehyde reduction equipment information conference held as scheduled, and successfully concluded on the same day. At present, the formaldehyde in the plate exceeds the standard. At present, the global forest area has been drastically reduced, and the timber resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Synthetic sheet products have become an important substitute for human solid wood consumption, but there are still many defects in the production of plates including the cabinet industry. It is understood that urea-formaldehyde resin adhesives are commonly used in the bonding of wood, plywood, laminates and sheet products in the sheet industry. The reason is that urea-formaldehyde resin adhesives are low in cost, easy to prepare, simple to make and easy to use. Urea-formaldehyde resin adhesives are Urea and formaldehyde are compounded. Studies have shown that when the concentration of formaldehyde in the air reaches 0.45 mg/m3, respiratory diseases increase, and 1 mg/m3 can cause tissue damage. If it is greater than 12 mg/m3, it will cause difficulty in breathing, and then higher, it will lead to pulmonary edema and even death. In recent years, the media often reported that the release of formaldehyde in plate products exceeded the standard, resulting in abnormal births and even cancer. The excessive formaldehyde in the plate has become a major killer in healthy home life. The effect of intelligent microwave aldehyde reduction is more ideal. Since the harm of formaldehyde in the sheet products is obvious, is it effective and effective? It is understood that the traditional measures for excessive formaldehyde in the sheet are: no new or no Five methods of formaldehyde binder, adjustment of artificial board production process, veneering method, chemical method, physical/chemical method. However, due to the fatal defects such as high price, limited aldehyde reduction, short-term effectiveness, new pollution, and complicated structure, the application effect is not very satisfactory. Through comprehensive analysis of the shortcomings of the traditional aldehyde reduction method, the industry has creatively proposed that the method of reducing aldehyde by microwave is undoubtedly a major innovation on the road of aldehyde reduction on sheet metal. Professor Fang Yude, an inventor of microwave technology and nuclear physics experts and intelligent microwave formaldehyde reduction equipment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: "Microwaves have high directionality, high energy carrying capacity, high medium permeability and high selectivity of the target, energy and molecules. Or the direct action of the atom, the intelligent microwave-reducing formaldehyde equipment designed and developed based on the microwave principle can efficiently, quickly and uniformly heat the plate, so that the free formaldehyde can be released in a large-scale manner, and the microwave field can accelerate the dissolution of the formaldehyde macromolecule and make the polymerization Formaldehyde can also be released quickly, so that the formaldehyde emission rate of the board will be permanently reduced, the duration of formaldehyde emission will be shortened, and the formaldehyde emission rate will be large. At the same time, the treated formaldehyde will be effectively recycled, which will not cause any pollution to the environment. It can be recycled again.” According to the results of the comparison between the front and back of the board processed by the intelligent microwave formaldehyde-reducing equipment, the formaldehyde release rate is reduced after the processing of the blockboard and medium-density fiberboard purchased by the market. 30% to 53%, the environmental protection level is upgraded from E2 to E1; double coverage of melamine After particleboard and melamine formaldehyde double cladding fiber processing release rates were 71% and 53%, by the level of environmental protection to E0-E2 stage lift, and no significant change after treatment. The economic benefits of sheet aldehyde reduction market industry experts pointed out that the introduction of smart microwave formaldehyde reduction equipment is not only a new breakthrough in the field of aldehyde reduction, but more importantly, it opens up the new thinking of "microwave formaldehyde reduction" and opens up the aldehyde reduction. A new idea makes the way to reduce formaldehyde. At present, the production capacity and market demand of China's sheet metal is about 100 million cubic meters per year, and the demand is huge. If 10% of the plate production requires microwave energy treatment for aldehyde reduction, approximately 3000-4000 large-scale processing equipment is required to accomplish this task. With the increase of plate production and consumption year by year and the gradual enhancement of consumers' environmental awareness, aldehyde reduction is an inevitable demand. The intelligent microwave formaldehyde-reducing equipment can be applied to all kinds of plates such as home building materials, cabinets, wardrobes, flooring industry, recycled boards, etc., and the development prospect is broad. Once the technology is accepted by the industry, the future forecast can generate economic benefits of 80 billion/year. >>>Back to Home Nanchang Decoration Nanchang Decoration Forum

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