Technical points of the mushroom

sowing. According to the morning and evening of the sowing season and the thickness of the material, the amount of seeding can be flexibly controlled, generally 1.5–2.5 bottles per square meter. Before sowing, all the tools must be thoroughly disinfected with potassium permanganate solution. At the same time, the culture materials should be shaken and leveled, the thickness is generally 20-25cm, and the seeds are planted in real time according to the local climatic conditions. Heze, Jining, Liaocheng, etc. in Shandong Province. The general planting time in the city is in August, and the places in Taiyuan and Luliang in Shanxi Province are generally in late August and early September. In the actual operation, the live broadcast method is generally adopted, that is, the strain is all sprinkled on the surface, the method is simple and quick, and the hyphae can seal the surface in a short period of time, and the bacteria are not easy to invade. After sowing, gently compact with a sterile wood board and cover with a film. Cover your newspaper or other sterilized paper if it is slightly wet. Close the doors and windows and enter the germination period.

Hairy. During the period of hair growth, the water drops attached to the film should be gently shaken to the ground. The hyphae can be peeled off after 7-10 days of germination. If there is any contaminated material surface or the humidity of the covering space is too large, the film can be uncovered in advance. .

1. During the period of germination, it is necessary to observe the growth of mycelium and the speed of hyphae feeding, and find problems in time to avoid delay in the best period of treatment, resulting in the spread of pests and bacteria, thereby reducing production. If the culture material is too dry or too wet, it will cause the hyphae not to eat or repel. If it is too dry, it can spray water into the air to increase the humidity of the air. If the culture material is too wet, it can be used to reverse the brazing or dip and increase the ventilation.

2. Always pay attention to the change of material temperature. When the material temperature is higher than 30 °C, measures to punch holes and compact the material surface are required, and it can also be ventilated at night. It is also necessary to prevent the ammonia in the material from being overweight and inhibit the normal growth of the mycelium. If the ammonia in the material is heavy, it is necessary to take the brazing material and loosen the culture material. Spray the 2% formaldehyde solution in the aisle of the ground wall and so on. . If the ammonia smell in the material is indeed too heavy, the hyphae atrophy can not be saved, then the material should be re-steamed again, and then replanted.

3. It is found that the miscellaneous pests should be treated in time, and the fight for the fight is to be removed. In case of harm, do not care, treat it promptly, and fumigate with medicine if necessary. This requires us to pay attention to the quality of the culture materials after the fermentation before and after the fermentation, and find measures to take timely measures to avoid such problems after sowing and delay the best time for treatment.

4. 1-5 days of bacteria, mainly insulation and moisturizing, no ventilation or less ventilation in the case of normal hyphae germination, promote the colonization of hyphae as early as possible, and block the surface. After 6-10 days of hair growth, the hyphae has a basic cover, and the amount of ventilation is gradually increased with the depth of the hyphae. For 11-18 days, when the hyphae feeds to 1/2 of the layer, it should be tempered in time, and the ventilation volume should be increased to increase the oxygen content in the material. When the hyphae eat more than 2/3 of the layer, prepare the soil (preferably over the entire layer).

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