Three-dimensional cultivation techniques of vegetables

The combination of short-growing varieties and long-term varieties such as taro, big winter melon, western celery, wintering kale, carrot, etc., has a long growing period, and can be used for early interplanting of amaranth and pakchoi with short growth period and moderate plant size. Amaranth, kale, spinach, early-ripening cucumber, early-maturing melon, seasoning radish, etc.

The combination of light-sensitive varieties and shade-tolerant varieties such as ginger + cowpea + cabbage (or amaranth) can be planted in three dimensions.

High-bar and short-bar varieties, erect and climb-type combinations such as onion + spinach (or cabbage), garlic + Chinese cabbage, scallion + broccoli.

The deep-rooted varieties and the shallow-rooted varieties are matched with root vegetables such as loofah, melon, eggplant, etc. with shallow roots, such as Chinese cabbage, alfalfa and leeks, which are multi-layered and interplanted.

Arrange a reasonable field group structure such as melon + tomato three-dimensional cultivation, which can lead the melon vines to the tomato's herringbone frame to climb and grow, not only using the frame material, but also the late tomato fruit due to the proper shading of the melon vine, reducing the fruit Sunburn.

Early melon seedlings under the melon shed, such as melon (or loofah, squash, etc.) cultivated in the large flat scaffolding, can be planted on the stalks without melons, and the early celery seedlings can be planted until the end of July to August.

The use of high-altitude mountain and plain vertical temperature differences, such as summer high altitude of 800m or more to promote anti-season vegetable production, winter and spring plains to promote vegetable off-season production.

Indoor stand facility cultivation techniques such as planting water spinach, lettuce, cabbage, alfalfa, leeks and other green leafy vegetables, make full use of space, and produce vegetables in factories, but need lighting, air conditioning and other facilities.

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