Walter launches Prototyp TMD integral thread milling cutter

Multi-tool solutions mean reduced machining time or reduced non-productive downtime. One solution is to use Walter “Prototyp TMD” solid carbide thread milling cutters to reduce machining time.

Small and medium-sized threaded blind hole machining is very difficult for general threading tools, but for Prototyp TMD carbide thread milling cutters, it can be successfully machined from M1.6 to M12. Dimensions, holes with a depth of 2 x d. One of the important reasons is that the series of short milling cutters have improved the groove shape. This improvement reduces the cutting force required for machining, enhances the operability of flexible processing and greatly improves the surface quality.

The thread milling cutter has two optimized coatings on the surface, one for TAX coatings for cast iron and the other for NHC coatings for non-ferrous metals.

Three milling edges or three cutting edges ensure high cutting rates. The spiral groove is designed to transport the auxiliary chip at a helix angle of 27 degrees. In addition, chip removal can be carried out from the center with three Y-shaped dots by means of coolant, especially when producing blind holes.

Together with TEC-CSS's expert software, users can access cutting data and CNC cutting solutions. Therefore, the tool can be easily integrated into a holistic process.

Walter “Prototyp TMD” solid carbide thread milling cutters for the machining of aluminium and cast iron workpieces are available in three separate processes: drilling, tapering and milling.

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