Orchard application of biological fertilizer attention

The application of biological bacterial fertilizer in the orchard can improve the utilization rate of fertilizer and reduce the investment cost; on the other hand, it can improve the soil aggregate structure, enhance the beneficial bacteria number and activity of soil microorganisms, improve the soil water storage capacity, and create good root growth for fruit trees. The environment makes the fruit trees grow stronger and the resistance is enhanced.


In the orchard fertilization, some fruit farmers will not rationally apply the biological fertilizer, and the effect is not obvious, and the confidence in using the fertilizer is lost. Now raised two issues in the administration should pay attention: First, ditch or hole in the application of biological fertilizer, no decomposition of strict disabled people, livestock manure and other fertilizer was used directly watering; try not to make bio-available nitrogen fertilizer such as urea and And ammonium bicarbonate is mixed and applied to avoid killing the biological bacteria and reducing the fertilizer efficiency. Second, the moisture is still good, and the temperature should use a more appropriate time. When the temperature is lower than 5 °C, the biological fertilizer and the organic fertilizer and a large amount of elemental fertilizer compound fertilizer can exert the maximum efficiency.

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