Fruit tree fertilization, where to apply

   1. Fruit tree topdressing fertilizer, we must first know the absorption of fertilizer by fruit trees, mainly by root hair in the root system. Therefore, applying fertilizer to the concentrated distribution area of ​​root hair can improve the utilization rate of fertilizer and promote the early growth of fruit trees to increase production and income.

    When the fruit tree is applied to the fertilizer, it is also necessary to understand that the roots and the branches and the dry vascular bundles are connected to each other. The vascular bundle keeps the ground and the upper part of the ground closely connected. In general, the horizontal root distribution is about 1 of the canopy. - 1.5 times, but most of it is concentrated on the outer edge of the canopy projection, and its vertical distribution varies with tree species, soil quality and management level. Root distribution generally pears, grapes and other fruit trees deep, can reach more than 80 cm, but must focus on the root of most of the 80 cm soil layer, root peach, plum, apple distribution of shallow, most located in In the soil layer of about 40 cm.

    2. Fruit trees should be applied according to these characteristics. The distance from the trunk should be based on the edge of the canopy projection or a little further away. Do not be too close to the trunk because the roots are thick, fine roots and root hairs. Less, is not conducive to the absorption of fertilizer.

    3. Fruit trees are topdressed with fertilizers, and the following principles are deeply grasped: fruit trees with deep root distribution should be properly applied, and shallow application; organic fertilizer decomposition is slow, but the fertilizer application period is long, and deep application, fertilizer mobility is large, shallow administration; and the like, such as deep-rooted trees to pear, organic fertilizers, depth should be 40 - 60 cm and a shallow-rooted trees like plum, organic fertilizer, depth should be 30 - 40 cm.

    4. Fruit trees are topdressed with fertilizers. For orchards that are closed or closely planted, they can be applied between rows and between plants. It is best not to hurt or damage large roots, so as to fully exert fertilizer efficiency, improve fertilizer utilization, and increase production and income. purpose.  


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