Soil and fertilizer should be "two bogey"

The first point: avoid excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer, resulting in imbalance of nutrient absorption, the emergence of "wang".

After the beginning of the autumn, as the temperature gradually declines, the nutrients of the stems and leaves of the ginger will gradually “return” into the underground tubers to promote their expansion. If the high-nitrogen fertilizer is still applied in this period, it will inevitably lead to “wangshu”. The nutrients of the plant will be consumed and used in the growth of stems and leaves, while the nutrients accumulated in the underground tubers will decrease, resulting in a decrease in yield.

According to the countryside, there are many Jiang farmers who have been applying high-nitrogen fertilizers in this period. There are more than 200 kilograms of mu in use. Last year, it was found that the nitrogen fertilizer was too high. Here, remind the Jiang farmers friends, in this period should be based on the ratio of demand for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the three gingers: 3:1:4-5, to carry out topdressing and soil cultivation. Can be applied to Pepsi organic fertilizer 80 kg + 80 kg Yalong Miao Le compound fertilizer or Kemiui compound fertilizer. Due to the long growth cycle of the ginger, the amount of fertilizer required is large, and the application of bio-organic fertilizer in the top dressing can not only improve the soil, but also ensure that the ginger does not lose fertilizer in the late growth stage.

The second point: avoiding the roots of the soil, causing the spread and spread of the disease, and the dead tree is aggravated.

It is understood that in recent years, Jiang farmers have used more and more mechanical soil, which to some extent has increased the "injury" of the roots of the ginger (because the bottom of the groove cultivated by the tiller is about 20 cm wide, The ridge height is 40 cm, and the artificial soil is used for cultivating, the bottom of the ditch is about 10 cm, and the ridge height is about 35 cm.). According to the analysis, once the roots of the ginger are damaged, it will inevitably affect the absorption of nutrients and water of the ginger, thus hindering the growth. At the same time, due to wound injury after root injury, and the root disease resistance is reduced, it is easy to cause soil-borne diseases, such as bacterial bacterial wilt (ginger disease). In addition to the current rainy season, the possibility of spread of the disease is very high.

So how do you avoid it? First, use artificial soil as much as possible. If you use mechanical soil, you should also pay attention to the depth, with a ridge height of 30 cm. Second, in the case that the method of soil cultivation cannot be changed, it is possible to avoid excessive root damage by adjusting the growth direction of the ginger base of the ginger, that is, when planting the ginger mother, consciously placing the ginger mother perpendicular to the planting line, so that the ginger, Sun Jiang is also perpendicular to the planting line. When the soil is cultivated, the whole ginger block is perpendicular to the planting line, and the fleshy roots, lateral roots and capillary roots caused by the soil are extended in the direction of planting, and will not be excessively used when the soil is cultivated. hurt.

In addition, after the topping of the big ginger soil, avoid watering immediately. It is recommended to re-water the next day to facilitate the healing of the root wound of the ginger.
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